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Review: Some Like It Wild by M. Leighton

Some Like It Wild  - M. Leighton

Some Like It Wild by M. Leighton 
Series: The Wild Ones, book #2 
Genres: New Adult Romance 
Published by Berkley 
Published on March 4, 2014 
Pages: 384 
Format: eARC 
Amazon | B&N | ARe | Goodreads 
Rating: three-half-stars 

I will be honest and say I stuck with this one only because I needed to review it for NetGalley. One, I guess I should have known it was New Adult Romance, which I detest for making it a genre when contemporary is just fine. Second when I saw 1st POV I was ready to chuck it at the door. I so don’t want to read 1st POV again. Ever. But I know that won’t go away. Each chapter changes point of view from the heroine and the hero…and there are a lot of chapters due to this.


Laney Holt is the preacher’s daughter who’s dream is to get a good job, marry a great man and start popping out babies. She thinks she has met that man until she finds him with her best friend. The engagement is broken and now she is back home with her family, doing estate work. But he family keep hounding her about her fiancee and going so far as to ambush her to get her back with him. The last thing she needs is a reminder of a kiss she had with the town bad boy four years ago.


Jake Theopolis has had a hard life after the death of his mother. His father hated him, but is now dead. Jake is back home to settle the estate and remembers the hot kiss he had with Laney. Used to being reckless and living life, he feels a little stifled back on the orchard. With Laney inventorying the estate, he takes on a job at the fire department, while lusting after Laney each chance he can get.


After the ambush Laney moves in with Jake and it goes on from there. I don’t there was much wild or bad boy going on between these two. While they did things Laney wouldn’t normally do, it wasn’t that over the top for what I felt young 20 somethings would do normally. They have sex…a lot of sex. They have misunderstandings. Everyone does. Even censure from parents. But when it all boiled down to things, I just wasn’t blown away with the story of a bad boy with a good heart taking the preacher’s daughter on a walk on the wild side.


How bad do you want your bad boys? 
Can goody, goody girls be turned into naughty girls or are they giving up their morals?


Continue to DelightedReader.com to comment for an entry in a giveaway of this book.


Source: http://delightedreader.com/arc-review-like-wild-m-leighton

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What a Woman Wants - Judi Fennell

Very strange heroine...not sure I like her.

Review: Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright

Feral Sins  - Suzanne  Wright

Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright 
Narrator: Jill Redfield 
Series: the Phoenix Pack, book #1 
Genres: Paranormal RomanceShifters 
Published by Montlake Romance 
Published on February 19, 2013 
Audiobook Length: 13 hours and 38 minutes 
Format: Audiobook 
Amazon | B&N | Audio | Goodreads 
Rating: four-stars 

This review is a mixture of reading and listening to the story Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright. Get on your snarky side because the heroine doles it out left and right, no matter who you are. While the hero was alpha through and through and walks a fine of dominating his alpha female.


The story…


The story begins when Taryn wakes up from being drugged and in the middle of the Phoenix Pack. The spunky latent alpha wolf starts spouting her diatribe right off the bat. Oh, and Taryn is a healer. It seems Taryn is betrothed to a loathsome alpha of another pack, her father willing to sell her for an alliance. Trey is being challenged by his uncle’s pack. He never has needed an alliance, but with the threat of losing his pack, he is willing to temporarily bind himself to Taryn for an alliance and get her away from a man who just wants to make her is sex slave.


The conflict…


Taryn hates her father, and has lost the young man who she thought was her mate. She cannot imprint on Trey or she will lose her independence that she seeks. Trey also thinks he has lost his one true mate. But he also has the feral element on his side that is drawing him away from Taryn. When it with a rage, he goes feral and no one should approach him. Well, Taryn does and is able to call him back. So did they really meet their true mates?


Throw in that Trey’s uncle is an ass, or very weak alpha. Trey was banished from his pack at a young age after fighting his father. Well, his father is dead and the uncle now is the pack alpha. Being week and wanting to flex his muscle, he petitions to have Trey’s pack absorbed back in the original pack with Trey losing his alpha position. Needless to say Trey isn’t going to let that happen.


The relationship…


These two instantly fall in bed, even if Taryn pretty much fights him the entire time. Trey has to show his dominance over her own alphaness. But she is latent and can’t change into wolf. Needless to say that doesn’t diminish her alphaness and how it comes across to the pack.


While this isn’t a BDSM books, it is a D/s or a D/D book. Dominance against Dominance that in the ends comes out as Dominance to a slightly less dominant. Trey does tie her up once, he does fuck her ass, he does get a blow job and not get his cock bitten off.

At times they both try to avoid each other to prevent getting hurt when the time comes to part, but at the same time they feel very possessive of each other and the pack senses this.


The pack…


I read the edited version…or I think I did. There is mention in the synopsis of a menage where Trey lets the pack have sex with Taryn. The version I read…nope, nada! Trey is too jealous and possessive to let them even hardly look upon her with desire in their eyes.


There are a lot of unmated males in the pack and they develop some feelings for Taryn in various degrees. They all rally around her when she heals and becomes exhausted. They protect her when they think Trey is being an ass.


Then there is the traitor of the group. Also a female who thinks Trey is hers. A grandmother who baits Taryn left and right. Along with two mated couples who balance it all out in the end.


The audio vs. written words…


The narrator Jill Redfield does an great job of narrating the characters. I found myself getting lost as they switched from one character to the other as it is all mixed within the text together. Listening to the inflections in her voice became critical. Reading it was easier to see the switches between the characters. I think I preferred reading this one, but Jill Redfield’s voice is clear and true through the entire book.


Final Thoughts…


I felt an affinity with Taryn for being latent, but never giving up her alpha side. I expected her to be more caring since she was a healer, but I never really felt that. Now with a father like hers, you understand she has to protect her emotions. But….her snarky side at times irritated me and got in the way of the story.


“Hey, I have a suggestion, why not put a condom over your head—if you’re going to act like a complete dick then it makes sense to dress like one.”
“I’d rather lie under an elephant suffering from diarrhea with my mouth open wide.”
“No, she’s one of those people who are like Slinkys.” “Slinkys?” “Yeah. Basically useless, but they make you smile when you push them down the stairs.”

Trey has a hard youth with a father who berates him constantly. He is quick to react and goes feral quite easily. I just didn’t get him as well or feel he understood that he wanted hot, raw sex with Taryn, but when things get going, he pulls back to make it easier on him when the times comes to part. He does protect his pack at all costs, but he wants to dominate. It is inherent in who he is to dominate and he pushes that into the bedroom as well.


While I liked this couple, the one liners from Taryn got old fast, and the indecision of the couple just drew me to wonder if they were meant for each other.

Will I continue the series…probably because I loved the unmated males in the pack and want to see them fall one by one!


How much snark is too much snark in a books? 
Is fated mates a big draw to paranormal romance for you? 

Source: http://delightedreader.com/audio-review-feral-sins-suzanne-wright

Reading progress update: I've read 45%.

Her Perfect Mate - Paige Tyler

Really liking this story. I will have to go back in the series to catch the other ones, but I don't feel lost at all.

Reading progress update: I've read 1%.

Surrender to Temptation Part I: Tempted to Submit - Lauren Jameson

So tired of serial stories...enough already! I am going to put this one down as DNF just for that reason.

Review: Burn For Me by Cynthia Eden

Burn For Me - Cynthia Eden

Burn For Me Genres: Paranormal RomancePhoenixShifters,Vampires 
Published by Brava 
Published on January 28, 2014 
Pages: 368 
Format: eBook 
Amazon | B&N | ARe
Rating: four-stars 

From page one of Burn For Me by Cynthia Eden, I was captivated with an adrenaline rush that really didn’t let up until the end. There is a lot of mystery around what type of paranormal character each person is supposed to be. There were shifters, vampires, phoenixes, and the heroine’s type isn’t revealed for quite a while, but I am having a hard time not tell you. I will say the hero is a phoenix. One, you see the abilities he has right off and well, the series is called Phoenix Fire.


The good, the bad…and the what the heck?


So some bad scientist have captured Cain, the hero and are running tests on him to see if they can harness his ability to regenerate. Making a super soldier that can’t be killed is hard work. The lab goes under the assumption that the subjects are there voluntarily, but in reality none are and they are being tortured. In rides Eve, the heroine, who is also a reporter hoping to expose the entire operation. She has a little medical background so she is tasked to take vitals on subject 13, but in reality she wants to find out his story and release everyone.


Well, big, bad Cain has decided its time to blow this popsicle stand and take Eve with him after she survives his regeneration without a burn on her. But what is she? How can she survive his fire and not burn?  While the building is burning, Eve runs around letting out paranormals and one big bad vampire that is going to haunt them and the next book. Unfortunately, the head guy doesn’t die and now they are a race to find the second test site, find out what Eve is, expose the whole story and stay alive, but not fall in love.


This was rush of the senses that kept you guessing…well for the most part. I think at one moment I said not again as the bad guy kept coming after them. I wanted them to run farther away from the regional area they kept sticking too. It always seemed like the bad guys were one step ahead of everyone.


To read more, go to http://delightedreader.com/review-burn-cynthia-eden/

Source: http://delightedreader.com/review-burn-cynthia-eden

67% done with Claimed by a Demon King by Felicity Heaton

Loving this story and a big reveal happened that I was beginning to suspect. I think this might be crossing over with some of her other series which I have read sadly.

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Review: Weston by Debra Kayn

Weston  - Debra Kayn

Weston by Debra Kayn 
Series: Hard Body, book #2 
Genres: Contemporary RomanceRomantic Suspense 
Published by Forever Yours 
Published on January 7, 2014 
Pages: 240 
Format: eARC 
Amazon | B&N | ARe
Rating: three-half-stars 

I have heard only good things about Debra Kayn’s writing and wanted to read her new series. Weston is the second book in the Hard Body series. The Hard Body series are the love stories of four friends who run a body shop and PI agency together. The first book Archer sets the ground for the series and I didn’t want to wait to jump in. While Weston can be read as a stand alone, there are hints and references to the first book that could leave you a little confused.


Detective Rocki Bangli has been undercover trying to find evidence to convict Darrell Archer (the uncle of the first book’s hero). Four months of not contacting her mother, living under house arrest and getting farther than any other undercover cop, Rocki is getting frustrated it’s going no where. Sent to a bar to meet a group of people, she is expected to do anything to get in the bed of one Tony Weston, even if she doesn’t know is name first. Lie after lie comes out of her mouth to Tony and while they end up at his house, nothing happens. Escaping Tony’s arms, Darrell reveals he knows who she is and now she is on the run.


To read more, visit: http://delightedreader.com/review-weston-debra-kayn/

Source: http://delightedreader.com/review-weston-debra-kayn

Review: Beg For It by Stacey Kennedy

Beg for It (Pact of Seduction) - Stacey Kennedy

Beg For It by Stacey Kennedy 
Series: Pact of Seduction, book #2 
Published on May 29, 2012 
Pages: 79 
Format: eBook 
Amazon | B&N
Rating: three-stars 

Beg For It is the second story in the Pact of Seduction series by Stacey Kennedy. A year or so ago I read the first book and couldn’t wait to read more. Unfortunately the price on the book for what you get got to me and I put it on my wish list in hopes the price would come down…and it never did. So with a small gift card I decided to go against all my book buying budgets and buy it.


Pact of Seduction is about four friends who make a pact to live out one of their fantasies. It’s Bella’s turn and she chooses to have a night with another woman. Unfortunately she can’t stop laughing each time they kiss. She goes home to the house she shares with her friends and they convince her she needs to pick another fantasy.

To read more, visit: http://delightedreader.com/afternoon-delight-beg-stacey-kennedy/

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Some Like It Wild  - M. Leighton

Two strikes....1st POV and being New Adult....I need to get better at figuring this out before I commit to reading something that doesn't interest me.

Review: Misbehaving by Tiffany Reisz

Misbehaving - Tiffany Reisz

Misbehaving by Tiffany Reisz 
Genres: Contemporary RomanceErotic Romance 
Published by Cosmo Red-Hot ReadsHarlequin 
Published on February 11, 2014 
Pages: 108 
Format: eARC 
Amazon | B&N | ARe
Rating: four-stars 

Once upon a time…I tried to read Tiffany Reisz series that is so popular. Due to some of the subject matter I was unable to get past halfway in book one. So when I say that she had a Cosmo Red Hot romance, I decided to try her again and hope for the best. Misbehaving was totally different that what I expect and showed the Ms. Reisz can write outside of the dark world I couldn’t enjoy.


Sex blogging…oh yes, I loved this theme. Beatriz owns her sexuality and gets paid to sample products while orgasming. Awesome job! With her sister getting married in 10 days, Beatriz is under deadline to write a review and it just so happens it is a sexual positions manual…and she needs partner. But the one guy who is willing and able is also the guy who didn’t notice her in college.


To read more, visit: http://delightedreader.com/afternoon-delight-arc-review-misbehaving-tiffany-reisz/

Source: http://delightedreader.com/afternoon-delight-arc-review-misbehaving-tiffany-reisz

Review: Somebody's Angel by Kallypso Masters

Somebody's Angel  - Kallypso Masters

Somebody's Angel by Kallypso Masters 
Series: Rescue Me, book #5 
Genres: BDSMContemporary Romance 
Published by Self Published 
Published on December 22, 2013 
Pages: 588 
Format: eBook 
Amazon | B&N | ARe
Rating: two-half-stars 

Somebody’s Angel by Kallypso Masters is a loooonnnnnggggg book! While people might devour it quickly, I found myself savoring it over several days. There were scenes I never wanted to revisit more than once as they were so powerful, they hurt. But the story does suffer some from being too long. You get quite a bang for your buck in this one, but I also felt it went on a little longer than was necessary to get to the root of the problems plaguing Marc.


We met Marc and Angelina in book #2, Nobody’s Angel. Marc found Angelina being abused by her Dom in Master at Arms. Wearing a wolf mask he rescues her, but she is so far into the pain she remembers a man wearing a mask. Later they meet up again and Marc doesn’t get honest with her and tell her how he knows her. He basically goes about breaking her heart over and over until he comes clean and she forgives him.


Now slightly in the future, Marc and Angelina have moved in with each other. Angelina is looking for a job as a chef in Denver, but feels she is losing Marc little by little. They rarely have sex any more. Marc takes Angelina home to meet his parents where they meet up with Marc’s former girl friend and his older brother’s former fiancée, who drives a wedge between the two. From Angelina’s side, she doesn’t know about this woman or that she is still involved with their lives. Marc mostly avoids telling Angelina the story. But to Marc she puts the hint that his parents really aren’t his parents and that he was adopted.


Thus begins the painful process of reading a story not based in romance as I hoped. It does drag on way longer than was necessary and there is one long scene I really had problems with. While I think BDSM is something that can help people, I also think it can damage a person further, especially if the one in charge isn’t trained in that field. It felt totally off and while I applaud Angelina for coming back over and over to Marc to be by his side, it just got old as he pushed her away.


To read more, visit: http://delightedreader.com/review-somebodys-angel-kallypso-masters/

Source: http://delightedreader.com/review-somebodys-angel-kallypso-masters

Review: Wind Chime Cafe by Sophie Moss

Wind Chime Cafe - Sophie Moss, Blue Harvest Creative

Wind Chime Cafe by Sophie Moss 
Series: Wind Chime, book #1 
Genres: Contemporary Romance 
Published by Sea Rose Publishing 
Published on February 7, 2014 
Format: eARC 
Amazon | Print 
Rating: four-stars 


Wind Chime Cafe by Sophie Moss hit me hard. There were so many tragic events that happened to these people and it is a lot of healing on top of love in a small Maryland town. This is a sweet romance that includes a lot of secondary characters as well as ghosts from the past.


Single mother Annie Malone has moved to Heron Island to open her dream French restaurant as well as give her daughter, Taylor, a safe santuary to get over tragic events that happened at her school 3 weeks earlier. With a resort buying up land on the island, Annie hopes to get her restaurant off the ground serving high end tourist from the resort.


But when Will Dozier comes to town to sell his grandparents inn, he finds out that they plan to tear down the house and break up the sleepy town. Not wanting his grandparents dream to die, Will decides to not sell to the big resort, but wait for a buyer willing to run the inn. Disappointed the resort won’t be happening, Annie is on the verge of losing her loan and has to make a quick decision to open a cafe in hopes to one day open her five star restaurant.


To read more of this review, visit Delighted Reader at: http://delightedreader.com/feature-giveaway-wind-chime-cafe-sophie-moss/


Also, there is currently a giveaway running this this review. Check it out!

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ARC Review: Bared by Stacey Kennedy

Bared  - Stacey Kennedy

Club Sin is a new series by Stacey Kennedy that has me adoring every book. Bared is the latest installment and my heart was ripped out and stomped on, then cherished and put back into place. Dramatic? Probably, but there is a lot of emotions running high in this story.


Aidan Knight and Cora Adams have enjoyed a D/s relationship at Club Sin, but outside of the club, they are strangers to each other. For years Aidan has trained Cora to be the perfect submissive, but he keeps his emotions out of the club and only considers Cora a friend. But what does he really know about her? Pretty much nothing.


After a scene, Aidan sees a look on Cora's face that has him demanding what is wrong, but she can't reveal it to him, even if she is to be honest in everything to her Dom. Aidan being the Dominant male he is, goes after her. Digging into places he isn't ready to accept and he definitely isn't ready to move on from his own heartbreak.


Aidan's past conceals heartbreak and while he feels he has moved on, he really hasn't opened his heart to the possibility of finding another woman to love. This causes Cora to become the submissive he needs to heal, but not the submissive she needs to be. She loves Aidan and won't confront him with her own needs and love. While he continues to dig into her as to what her pain is, she tries to retreat back into herself and not reveal what she truly has pain for.


Cora is a submissive that just kind of stumbled onto the life style. She councils runaway teens in real life and needs the stress relief that being a sub gives her. It's her time to escape the dark world she advises in and at times cries over. She falls hard and fast for Aidan, but realizes he hasn't gotten over his past. She becomes exactly what he needs, in spite of her own needs. Protecting Aidan with a ferociously that the Doms at Club Sin think is getting out of hand. When faced with what she has become and the fact that Aidan won't get over his problems with time, she has to decide her course.


Aidan is a very strong character, but is also lost in what he needs, wants and what is right in front of him. Cora is equally strong in her life, and then becomes Aidan's crutch in the kink life.


There are some sweetly erotic scenes in this book. By sweetly, I just mean SWEET, as in the term. They are full out erotic, painful at times, but also shows just how in tune the couple is with each other. There are some emotionally painful scenes as well, when all parties are confronted with the truths they aren't acknowledging exist.


There are two other Doms that are Cora's friends mostly, but they do also support Aidan. These are the men we wish were in every BDSM club. They saw what was happening to Cora and they pulled her out of the situation. They don't let Aidan off lightly either. The make him face what he wants, needs and is willing to go after.


There is also the right balance of smoking hot, panty dripping sex to plain ole vanilla time outside of the club. We get to know the characters outside of the BDSM club, which is refreshing because 100% club time gets exhausting. I also like it because I don't want to lose the women's personality in the Dom. I want to see them be the dominant, caregiver outside of the club.


Club Sin is one of my favorite series now. Not only do we get to know a new couple, Aidan and Cora, we got to see Dmitri and Presley from book one. We also get to meet one Dom from the first book, Kyler, and added a new Dom who has just joined. Both of these men need to find a panty dripping sub of their own for me to read about. Yes, Ma'am...get to working on those Doms please.


Bared to you is light on the BDSM, medium on the erotica, and totally a lusty ride to the end. Stacey Kennedy has created a world I would love to live in and get to know. These are real people you can relate too with real lives that allow for a kink club on weekends. I recommend this one as I stayed up all night to read it, not wanting to put it down to sleep!


How much BDSM do you like in your books? 
Do you think Doms are Gods who should be able to protect their subs from everything?
What are your thoughts on subs losing themselves into their Doms? Being all they need?


Reading progress update: I've read 67%.

Melting the Ice (A Play-by-Play Novel) - Jaci Burton

Hoping to get back to finish this one.