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Review: Somebody's Angel by Kallypso Masters

Somebody's Angel  - Kallypso Masters

Somebody's Angel by Kallypso Masters 
Series: Rescue Me, book #5 
Genres: BDSMContemporary Romance 
Published by Self Published 
Published on December 22, 2013 
Pages: 588 
Format: eBook 
Amazon | B&N | ARe
Rating: two-half-stars 

Somebody’s Angel by Kallypso Masters is a loooonnnnnggggg book! While people might devour it quickly, I found myself savoring it over several days. There were scenes I never wanted to revisit more than once as they were so powerful, they hurt. But the story does suffer some from being too long. You get quite a bang for your buck in this one, but I also felt it went on a little longer than was necessary to get to the root of the problems plaguing Marc.


We met Marc and Angelina in book #2, Nobody’s Angel. Marc found Angelina being abused by her Dom in Master at Arms. Wearing a wolf mask he rescues her, but she is so far into the pain she remembers a man wearing a mask. Later they meet up again and Marc doesn’t get honest with her and tell her how he knows her. He basically goes about breaking her heart over and over until he comes clean and she forgives him.


Now slightly in the future, Marc and Angelina have moved in with each other. Angelina is looking for a job as a chef in Denver, but feels she is losing Marc little by little. They rarely have sex any more. Marc takes Angelina home to meet his parents where they meet up with Marc’s former girl friend and his older brother’s former fiancée, who drives a wedge between the two. From Angelina’s side, she doesn’t know about this woman or that she is still involved with their lives. Marc mostly avoids telling Angelina the story. But to Marc she puts the hint that his parents really aren’t his parents and that he was adopted.


Thus begins the painful process of reading a story not based in romance as I hoped. It does drag on way longer than was necessary and there is one long scene I really had problems with. While I think BDSM is something that can help people, I also think it can damage a person further, especially if the one in charge isn’t trained in that field. It felt totally off and while I applaud Angelina for coming back over and over to Marc to be by his side, it just got old as he pushed her away.


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