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ARC Review: Bared by Stacey Kennedy

Bared  - Stacey Kennedy

Club Sin is a new series by Stacey Kennedy that has me adoring every book. Bared is the latest installment and my heart was ripped out and stomped on, then cherished and put back into place. Dramatic? Probably, but there is a lot of emotions running high in this story.


Aidan Knight and Cora Adams have enjoyed a D/s relationship at Club Sin, but outside of the club, they are strangers to each other. For years Aidan has trained Cora to be the perfect submissive, but he keeps his emotions out of the club and only considers Cora a friend. But what does he really know about her? Pretty much nothing.


After a scene, Aidan sees a look on Cora's face that has him demanding what is wrong, but she can't reveal it to him, even if she is to be honest in everything to her Dom. Aidan being the Dominant male he is, goes after her. Digging into places he isn't ready to accept and he definitely isn't ready to move on from his own heartbreak.


Aidan's past conceals heartbreak and while he feels he has moved on, he really hasn't opened his heart to the possibility of finding another woman to love. This causes Cora to become the submissive he needs to heal, but not the submissive she needs to be. She loves Aidan and won't confront him with her own needs and love. While he continues to dig into her as to what her pain is, she tries to retreat back into herself and not reveal what she truly has pain for.


Cora is a submissive that just kind of stumbled onto the life style. She councils runaway teens in real life and needs the stress relief that being a sub gives her. It's her time to escape the dark world she advises in and at times cries over. She falls hard and fast for Aidan, but realizes he hasn't gotten over his past. She becomes exactly what he needs, in spite of her own needs. Protecting Aidan with a ferociously that the Doms at Club Sin think is getting out of hand. When faced with what she has become and the fact that Aidan won't get over his problems with time, she has to decide her course.


Aidan is a very strong character, but is also lost in what he needs, wants and what is right in front of him. Cora is equally strong in her life, and then becomes Aidan's crutch in the kink life.


There are some sweetly erotic scenes in this book. By sweetly, I just mean SWEET, as in the term. They are full out erotic, painful at times, but also shows just how in tune the couple is with each other. There are some emotionally painful scenes as well, when all parties are confronted with the truths they aren't acknowledging exist.


There are two other Doms that are Cora's friends mostly, but they do also support Aidan. These are the men we wish were in every BDSM club. They saw what was happening to Cora and they pulled her out of the situation. They don't let Aidan off lightly either. The make him face what he wants, needs and is willing to go after.


There is also the right balance of smoking hot, panty dripping sex to plain ole vanilla time outside of the club. We get to know the characters outside of the BDSM club, which is refreshing because 100% club time gets exhausting. I also like it because I don't want to lose the women's personality in the Dom. I want to see them be the dominant, caregiver outside of the club.


Club Sin is one of my favorite series now. Not only do we get to know a new couple, Aidan and Cora, we got to see Dmitri and Presley from book one. We also get to meet one Dom from the first book, Kyler, and added a new Dom who has just joined. Both of these men need to find a panty dripping sub of their own for me to read about. Yes, Ma'am...get to working on those Doms please.


Bared to you is light on the BDSM, medium on the erotica, and totally a lusty ride to the end. Stacey Kennedy has created a world I would love to live in and get to know. These are real people you can relate too with real lives that allow for a kink club on weekends. I recommend this one as I stayed up all night to read it, not wanting to put it down to sleep!


How much BDSM do you like in your books? 
Do you think Doms are Gods who should be able to protect their subs from everything?
What are your thoughts on subs losing themselves into their Doms? Being all they need?