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Blog For Sale – Parajunkee Makes it Easy to Start a New Blog

Reblogged from Parajunkee:

Have you been wanting to start a blog, but intimidated by all the work? Want a premium design, domain and interface – but just don’t know how to GET IT DONE? Want to be a YA Blogger Rockstar?

Look no further. I have a blog For Sale – and you get the WHOLE THING. Everything you see here – is yours. I transfer the login & password – and you take over. You even get the email address, twitter and facebook fan page. Already getting hits. Yes, this is such a premium name – it’s already getting hits from search engines, it already has followers on twitter…and likes on facebook. Not a huge amount … yet … since this blog has been active for 1 day. Think what will happen in 1 year?

Are you ready?

Buy This Blog! ready-made book blog

This blog can easily be used by:

  1. Book Bloggers
  2. Author Groups or Individuals
  3. Young Adult Publishers
  4. General Book Promotion types
  5. Book Marketers

This blog includes:

  1. Premium Branding
    • Reading YA Rocks is a premium domain name
    • Domain is Registered Private
    • Names are secured on Twitter, Google & Facebook
    • The new .rocks is a brand new domain
  2. One year domain registration  (renewal estimated at $15.00 for 1 year)
  3. Private domain registration 1 year (renewal estimated at $10 for 1 year)
  4. One year hosting (renewal estimated at $83.00 for 1 year)
  5. One year hosting & domain tech support
  6. Premium Magazine Theme
    • Magazine theme set-up just for book / writer bloggers
    • Styling just for displaying books and book information
  7. Social Network Branding
  8. Social & Meme Images just for book bloggers, writing bloggers
  9. Customized images & raters just for book / writer bloggers
  10. Plugins just for readers / writers
  11. Premium plugins,
    • Ultimate Book Blogging Plugin, Social Display, Slide Plugin & Gravity forms
    • Ultimate Book Blogging Plugin is already set-up and styled to fit seamlessly within the theme (view)
    • Gravity forms is used for taking “no fuss” review requests, directly from your website (view)
  12. Categories & Tags styled and optimized for book / writer bloggers
  13. Pages optimized, with policies in place for book /writer bloggers

Go see it live! | Pricing & More Information