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ARC Review: One Night with a Quarterback by Jeanette Murray

One Night with a Quarterback (Santa Fe Bobcats) - Jeanette Murray

The Delight


Quarterback? You had me at Quarterback! A new series to love about football players and the ladies who tackle them into love. Filled with more than sports or even time in bed, this one hits many emotional levels sure to leave you wanting more.


You bet I am all in on a football romance. Well I have been laying low with my own injury that I would like to attribute to football, but alas it was lazer tag. So I keep tracking my healing process to be reading for the NFL season. What better way to heal than to read football romance!


When Cassie learns who her father is, she knows it isn’t going to be an easy road to travel to get to know him. Giving herself one last night of wildness before meeting him, she drags her best friend out on the town for some clubbing. Dancing horribly, but enthusiastically draws the attention of Trey Owens, the quarterback of the Sante Fe Bobcats. Not a lover of publicity or media, Trey disguises himself to have a little fun. Who knew either of them would find each other and hit it off so wildly?


While Cassie knows her father is the coach of the Sante Fe Bobcats, she doesn’t know Trey is the quarterback. Put under some insane rules by her father, she must give up dating while getting to know him. But after a crazy, not nice start to their relationship, she stumbles into Trey again and still doesn’t know he is the quarterback. Well, she isn’t a sports fan, being a nerd and all, so I guess I have to forgive her some, but not totally since I am a computer nerd too and also a fan of football. Hello!


Trey on his own is trying to stay out of the limelight, but falls hard for Cassie in almost a stalkerish way. When he finds her again, he thinks it’s fate and won’t let go. He too doesn’t know Cassie is the bosses daughter and they blithely go on their way to falling in love while hiding it from coaches and the media.


The romance goes over a coarse of time and you see the two fall in love slowly but also in the right manner. They do find out about each other at some point and Trey is always there for Cassie when the family treats her like (sorry) shit! But he also keeps the romance secret for his own sanity not wanting to be the headline of the week doing the coaches daughter.


Now let me take one time out and deck the stepmother, Tabetha. This is one unclassy bitch and I am sorry to use so many curse words in my review, but she makes Cassie’s life a living Hell because she feels so threatened, when Cassie does nothing to deserve it besides be a good sister…she has two half sisters. Tabetha baits her, tricks her, calls her names and in general is one woman who needs to have her ass kicked.


The sisters were hilarious and also giving me some agony! At 16 and 14, they are they age where boys matter, clothing matters and their mother denies them both. Not that denying them boys is so bad, but she never lets them have their own personality. Cassie befriends them, keeps their confidences and even bails the older one out of a sticky situation. Overall, Tabetha should have been thrilled they had an older sister like Cassie around.


Trey is hunky along with his two cohorts. One is dealing with an alcohol problem that the other two are trying to keep him away from. This causes some scenes of drama and ultimately comes to a head at one point. All of them are good guys, playing football and trying to live their lives outside of the media.

While the love scenes were sexy, they tended to fade out towards halfway through the story. It became more about relationships at that point versus getting your game on*wink*.


One Night with a Quarterback was a good introduction into a new football series I am putting on my auto by list!

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