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Afternoon Delight: Naugthy Bits Part III - The Training Session

Naughty Bits Part III Bound to Please - Joey W. Hill

Naughty Bits (Part II): The Training Session by Joey W. Hill 
Series: Naughty Bits, book #2 
Genres: BDSM Romance 
Published by Intermix 
Published on May 20, 2014 
Format: eARC 
Amazon | B&N | Goodreads
Rating: four-stars 

The Training Session starts the training of Madison with Logan as the dominant. They go slowly into a session with Troy as the submissive and Madison as Logan’s assistant. Fascinated by every decision, Madison finds herself being drawn into the training session. The session is strictly for Troy, but Logan is also showing Madison how each decision is made with the submissive in mind. Trust is paramount.


Slowly Logan weaves Madison into the scene making her long for this to be real. Leaving her hungry for more, but also hesitant to open herself up.


As Naughty Bits has its new Grand Re-Opening, Madison learns to relax and think with the customer in mind. With each new experience she gains more confidence in herself as well in the need to help others find happiness in their sexuality. So when Logan asks her on a date, she leaps at the chance with the condition that they not have sex. Don’t forget that Logan is kind of old fashion in some ways.


When Logan comes over to Madison’s place for the date, it turns into another training session with Logan showing he can be trusted to keep his word. Madison retreats into her head and Logan goes to get her. The two ebb and flow in their scene that had power impact on both the characters and myself.


While the scenes aren’t deeply intense, they are sensually intense, making you sit on the edge of your seat. Reading became a compulsion of the senses that I didn’t want to let go. I put my trust in Joey W. Hill and I was rewarded with a story that blew me away. And now I have to wait once again for the next installment, dang it!

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