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Review: Savage Awakening by J.D. Tyler #ShifterResistingLove

Savage Awakening - J.D. Tyler

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With the bad guys and Beryl still lose, a dark force threatening Kellan and Mac, and a mating denial, this is one octane flowing book that keeps you on the edge. Adrenaline rush from beginning to end!

After finishing up Primal Law, I found myself on another road trip and looking for a good book to listen to.Scrolling through my huge list of audio books, I jumped on the chance to get into the Alpha Pack world again. I ended up listening to over half of this book then switching to the book to finish it. Now I can’t wait to jump into book 3!


In Primal Law we left our hero Aric having been captured by the bad guys wanting to torture, test on and rape paranormal creatures. Alpha Pack is hunting them down to get him back, but also possibly a teammate they thought perished in the first scene of Primal Law, Micah. With very few leads, Jax is feeling guilty for choosing to save his mate, Kira, over saving Aric. So Aric is in a bad place being tortured by his step-sister Beryl, who was also Jax’s first love turned enemy who set them up. During Aric’s captivity he scents Micah, but with silver bars on his cage, there is no way to save either one of themselves without Alpha Pack coming from them.


Rowan Chase doesn’t believe her younger brother, Micah, is dead. An empty casket and too many questions plague the LAPD officer and dream walker. On information she receives from her contact, she heads out to Wyoming to find him, only to find Alpha Pack’s headquarters. While they come clean with her on who and what they are, she is determined to save her brother.


When the mission goes off without a hitch, Micah is back in the Alpha Pack fold, but has long way to recover. Sparks fly between Aric and Rowan, with their first love scene happening in their dreams. Aric’s supernatural power is fire, so when his temperature starts rising, they are concerned but don’t realize at first what is happening. Slowly they figure out the Rowan is Aric’s mate and the suspense starts to roll in as Aric won’t tell Rowan and force her to choose him.


With the bad guys and Beryl still lose, a dark force threatening Kellan and Mac, and a mating denial, this is one octane flowing book that keeps you on the edge. Rowan feels the pull to Aric. Aric feels unworthy of love after what Beryl has done to them all. Guilt flows all around in this book, but so does the fun times that balance it quite nicely.


So here is what I don’t like unfortunately. We still don’t know who is actually running the whole Alpha Pack. Nick replaced Terry after the massacre in the first book. But we don’t really know who Nick reports too. There was some mention of someone who contacted Rowan, but other than that, we are clueless where they get intel or who they report too. At least in this book, they didn’t keep running into traps.


Second, I am tired of these alphas denying their mates the choice of if they want to mate. Aric takes it upon himself to decide and almost dies. Jax wasn’t much better in the first book. I can only hope the next book the alpha gets a clue. It was all ok for them to have sex, just not take it where nature wanted it to go.


Now the side story of Kellan and Mac is driving me crazy. I can’t tell if they are mates or if they are just good friends. Kellan has some bad things going on that make me want to come in and protect him.


While I wanted to love Aric, I just couldn’t. He wasn’t a bad guy, he just wasn’t my dreamy hero type. Rowan was more cop than woman it seems from the start. She doesn’t really know she is a dream walker until she discusses the whole paranormal thing with Nick and realizes both Micah and she shared a similar supernatural power. She feels the pull to Aric, admits it, and accepts the world pretty easily. But in the end she really cares for her little brother and would do anything to protect him.


Alpha Pack is a guilty pleasure, but also one I note too many problems with. I love the alpha men and want all their stories, I just want some more common sense about missions and love to smack them upside the head. I am continuing with the series because I have so many unanswered questions still. I just hope we can grow into hierarchy that explains what is going on. The action is as much of the excitement as the romance, so I need it to grow some.

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