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Afternoon Delight: Taunts Me by Megan Hart

Taunts Me - Megan Hart

Taunts Me by Megan Hart 
Series: Every Part of You, Serial #3 
Genres: Contemporary Romance 
Published by St. Martin's Griffin 
Published on March 4, 2014 
Pages: 45 
Format: eARC 
Amazon | B&N | Goodreads 
Rating: four-stars 

The Delight

Ms. Hart draws out the characters of these two and leaves them to deal with the aftermath of their actions. To accept pain, to give pain, but to cherish? Sometimes it just isn’t going to happen that way…or will it?

Wow another explosive installment in the Every Part of You serials by Megan Hart! Now Elliott has broken it off with Simone. He still likes her, but doesn’t like what he is doing to her even if it fulfills the sadist in himself. How can you hurt a woman you like? It just isn’t done.


So when they meet at a party, Simone acts as if he doesn’t exist and this confuses Elliott on why he cares. He confronts her and realizes he isn’t ready to let her go. So he takes her to his home and sets up some elaborate rules that basically make the fuck buddies. He calls the rules guidelines, but these guidelines keep him in check and calm him into thinking he is doing the right thing. He’s lived too long alone and set in his ways.


So he won’t date, only wants to fuck. Likes his house in an orderly fashion. Won’t share a toothbrush (ok I get this one).  Won’t buy flowers, doesn’t want long term and really isn’t too sure what he really wants or what to do with the feelings he has for Simone.

Now Simone also doesn’t want a boyfriend, although she is more open to it than he is. She wants the pain with her pleasure but not the submission to his Dominance. He will hurt her, he tells her, but not in a physical way. He admits he will hurt her emotionally and wants to give her the out now. She assures him she is a big girl.


On the side, her ex-boyfriend, but still friend, Aidan, is in a new relationship and wants Simone to meet her. Now Aidan is more into Dominance and submission along with the S/M. This is mostly why Aidan and Simone never worked. She just couldn’t submit the way he needed her two. Simone gets insight into their relationship and before the evening is over, she is involved in a scene where we aren’t quite sure how far it went.

On a high from the scene she goes to Elliott at 2 in the morning, wanting the pain and pleasure. While he is confused he quickly gets on board, using more force than he ever has. But it all comes to a head ::snickers:: when he finds out she got all aroused at her friend Aiden’s and he wants answers that his “guidelines” don’t all him to have.


So what will happen next? Will Elliott finally make something more out of fuck buddies? Or will he break it off with her again? I guess we have to wait for the next installment.


Are fuck buddies worth the effort? Do they ever lead anywhere or do they just end? 
How can your keep your emotions out of a relationship built strictly on sex and pain?

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