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Associate Reviewer Wanted!

Reblogged from Rabid Reads:

My associate reviewer, Josh, will soon be leaving the blog to pursue his teaching career; his last post will be on February 26th, which means… I’m in need of a new associate reviewer! His shoes will be hard to fill but I wish him the best of luck in his new job, and future endeavors. Thanks for all of your hard work Josh!

Please read on if you’re interested in becoming a Rabid reviewer:

What’s in it for you?


  • Being part of Rabid Reads and getting your name out there as a reviewer (i.e. your own About Me section, signature, rabidreads.com e-mail account, links to your social media accounts, etc);
  • Most likely free books;
  • Opportunities to network with your favourite authors and a platform on which you can express your bookish views;
  • If you live in the Ottawa-Gatineau area: access to my bookshelves;
  • The help, knowledge and guidance of an experienced blogger.

Terms and Conditions


  • You must be 15 years of age or older;
  • Books reviewed must be paranormal in nature (Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult, Dystopian, Steampunk, Fantasy, etc);
  • You will commit to doing a minimum of one post per month and if you can not deliver said post you will notify me as soon as possible so that alternative arrangements can be made;
  • Must be able to read digitally formatted books;
  • Review posts must be between 250-500 words;
  • You must be able to post your reviews on sites such as GoodReads, Amazon, LibraryThing, Smashwords, etc (depends on the author/publisher);
  • As a reviewer you must be able to give your honest opinion of a book based on its contents and not on your own personal feelings about an author. i.e. keep it respectful and clean;
  • No plagiarism;
  • You will not receive compensation for your reviews;
  • All reviews posted on Rabid Reads become the property of this blog. If you wish to have your review posted elsewhere you must receive written consent from me and provide a link back to the original post;
  • You agree to not share, sell or otherwise distribute any books received for review by authors/publishers. It’s against the law. I am not liable for any of your actions once a book is in your possession;
  • There is no guarantee that you’ll receive free books, ARCs, etc but I can help you set-up a NetGalley account, contact publishers and will refer author/publisher requests to you;
  • I reserve the right to delete any post without notice.

If the above sounds like it’s right up your alley please fill-out the following form to begin the process of becoming an associate reviewer! Please note that there are a limited number of positions available that are dependent on your experience level, availability and preferred genres. Filling out this form does not guarantee you a spot on the Rabid Reads Review Team. Thank you for your interest. Should you have problems completing the form for any reason please send your answers by e-mail instead.


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Source: http://rabidreads.ca/2014/01/associate-reviewer-wanted.html