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Afternoon Delight: A MacKenzie Christmas

A MacKenzie Christmas - Liliana Hart

A MacKenzie Christmas opens up with the whole MacKenzie clan gathered for Christmas but Grant needs a break from all the nieces, nephews, cousins, brothers, sister, etc. gathered together. Liliana Hart weaves a extremely fast paced story to get Grant the love of his life without his mercenary brothers or cousins stepping in to help.


Grant steps out for a walk to get away from the mountains of MacKenzies that showed up for Christmas. Reflecting on his own single status, he decides he needs to go to "town" to find a bride bring her back and live happily ever after. There aren't many single women left, but one does spark his interest, but she is his little sister's best friend, Annabeth. Annabeth does spark his desire and he thinks he is dreaming when he comes upon her trying to ice skate on the lake.


Oops! She falls in and Grant comes to her rescue, taking her back to his house where lust takes over, passion runs freely and love follows the heart.


Extremely short, its a good way to celebrate Christmas in between opening gifts.

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