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Afternoon Delight: Sanctum by Lexi Blake

Sanctum - Lexi Blake

Sanctum by Lexi Blake is part of the Masters and Mercenaries series, but a small part. Ryan Church is the Dom in Residence at Sanctum, the BDSM club owned by Ian Taggart. With a big idea in his head, he is ready to take on the world again after having lost everything that mattered to him, including his submissive, Jill. When his world fell apart, he ended his contract with her, giving her to another man for caregiving. Never explaining to her what happened he goes off to lick his wounds and try to come back from all the devastating losses he has suffered.


Now Ian is up his ass wanting a new bartender yesterday. Ian being Ian has already arranged the interviews and leaves Ryan with no choice but to hire someone when in walks Jill applying for the job. Now eighteen months later he doesn't feel he has anything to offer her besides the job.


Jill was shattered by Ryan's abrupt turning her over to his friend like she was property. Immediately she leaves this other man and forges her way into life but can only get crappy jobs and even crappier apartments. This bar tending job is step up from the world of stripping. Sucking up her emotions, she takes the job and hopes to hold onto her heart.


Now Ryan has to make a decision: wealth and fortune or Jill. Will he make the correct choice or lose the one woman who can love him completely?


What an powerfully packed short story of miscommunication. Doms don't know it all and really need to be open and as honest as they expect their submissives. This just goes to show Doms do make mistakes and think they are still Gods, lol. Now he has a chance to make it better, but I wondered if he really learned any lessons in 18 months?


Filled with humor, sex, BDSM, and some unsavory types, this story left me feeling fulfilled on a side character I have always wondered about.


Are Doms Gods? Can they be forgiven for not being honest and making critical mistakes? 

Delighted Reader Afternoon Delight

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