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ARC Review: Jaded by Anne Calhoun

Jaded  - Anne Calhoun

Jaded is the second book in the Walkers Ford series by Anne Calhoun. To be honest, I didn't read the first book in this series and for about half of the book, I would get confused by a few names, but later in the story it really got confusing. Still, it didn't overtake this story but it assumed you had read the first one and left out details I think might have been important.


Alana Wentworth has decided her time at Walkers Ford is coming to an end and she hasn't changed much from when she left her upstanding and rich family in Chicago. After a proposal gone bad, she has come to Walkers Ford as a temporary librarian on contract to help save this treasure. But she wants to step out of her bulky librarian threads and get down and dirty with sheriff she is renting a house from. Just a fling is all she wants from this handsome specimen of a man because her sister and family need her back home doing the research for their foundation.


Lucas Ridgeway has returned to his South Dakotan home town of Walkers Ford to save his marriage. The marriage goes bad anyway and he finds himself divorced and the sheriff of the town. Living next door to his grandparents house, he is renting it to the hot little contract librarian. Broken emotionally by life, Lucas only wants a sexual release, but realizes Alana is getting under his skin. Oh, and he comes across as cold-hearted for a majority of the story.


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