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Review: Sweet Revenge by Rebecca Zanetti

Sweet Revenge (Sins Brothers, #2) - Rebecca Zanetti

After finishing Forgotten Sins by Rebecca Zanetti about a group of brothers born from a test tube, genetically altered and made into super soldiers, I had to know more. The Dean brothers escaped the Colonel and his band of killers and now time is running out. Sweet Revenge is the start of Matt's story of finding the doctor who may be able to help disable the chip that is set to kill the brothers if not deactivated in less than two months.


Matt, the oldest Dean brother, is following a trail to a doctor who might now how to disable the chip surgically implanted in all the super soldiers. If a code is not entered every five years with a certain device, it will deactivate and severe their spines. It is almost five years since the Dean brothers escaped and time is running out on their lives. Injured, Matt rolls into Charmed, Idaho searching for the one woman he loathes, but may be his savior.


Laney Jacobs runs the local bar and knows about pain and suffering. Finding the injured Matt, she invites him in and offers him a job. Believing he is just traveling through town, she enjoys the protection he offers, but also remains suspicious of his intentions. A brief fling with no emotions is just what she needs, but dangerous letters start appearing secretly on her vehicle and office. And when a local shows up dead, all eyes turn to Matt even though she knows he would never hurt someone that way.


The two fight forces bigger than themselves to try to remain aloof and strong, but secrets are revealed of both their pasts that may stop them from going forward. Their attraction continues to grow and danger stalks them. At times the suspense was oozing off the pages and other times it felt like it was dragging. At times you have to suspend your disbelief because really he is a super soldier and anything can be possible.


The passion flares quickly and hot. No gentle lovemaking, but hard, we don't have much time, kind of desperate passion that drives them to the brink. I didn't 100% buy they fell in love so quickly, but what choice did Matt have with only 6 weeks left to live?


The action was fierce, the town friends were what you want in a small town, the bartender old man was the type you want helping the heroine. You meet several people, but I am sure some of them we will never meet again with the other brothers.


They are also dealing with finding out just what has happened to the youngest brother, Jory, who has been missing for two years. They have seen video of him being shot, but one brother thinks he saw him blink. There are hints he is dead, hints he is alive and hints that just don't make sense.


The next novel is Nathan's, the second oldest brother. We have some back story of him falling for the doctor's daughter but that it also was a brutal plan to teach Nathan a lesson. Well, Nathan isn't so forgiving and now I want the entire story of what actually happened.


We see Shane again, but it was brief as his book is already done.


Overall, this was another action packed addition to the Sin Brothers series. Will it last? Is Jory alive? Will they ever really be free? I don't think Rebecca Zanetti is going to let us know until the very last moment. A wonderful weaving of a super natural world with a contemporary setting, where passion in bedroom is also very passionate in saving everyone's life.


Do you like your suspense carrying on from book to book?
Or do you want answers right away?
Love genetically engineered alpha men?

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