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Review: Holiday Games by Jaci Burton

Holiday Games - Jaci Burton

Holiday Games by Jaci Burton 
Series: Play by Play, book #6.5 
Genres: Contemporary RomanceHoliday RomanceSports Romance 
Published by Penguin Group 
Published on November 19, 2013 
Pages: 147 
Format: eBook 
Amazon | B&N 


Holiday Games starts off with a bang and plenty of smex to keep you warm this holiday season. Seriously, I almost thought someone would get sore with all the smex going on between Liz and Gavin. Yes, yes, they are trying to make a baby and they truly do love each other.


Holiday Games is book 6.5 in the Play by Play series and we get to revisit the original Riley family that started this series. Mostly the story is told from Liz and Gavin’s point of view around the holiday season. They have been trying for over a year to create a baby and everything is in working order…relax is the only suggestion they keep getting. Gavin is in the off season (plays professional baseball) and Liz works a little during the story. Throw in Jenna and Ty getting married, a bacherette party that I could only dream of and getting to see Mick and Tara again. And Nathan is now all grown up and in college…where did the time go? Cole and Mick have some football rivalry since as it is football season.


This story does mean you have to have read the series, but not the last one as I haven’t even read that one yet. It gets back to the original family that made this story so special. We get some football play time, drunken party games, and did I mention a lot of smex?


I loved seeing all of my favorite characters as well as see Liz host her first Christmas party. And in the end…well, you have to read the book to find out what happens in the end.