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Review: The Cupcake Cowboy

The Cupcake Cowboy (Lone Star Sweets) - Lissa Matthews

The Cupcake Cowboy by Lissa Matthews 
Series: Lone Star Sweets, book #1 
Genres: Erotic Romance 
Published by Self Published 
Published on November 29, 2013 
Format: eBook 
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Cupcake, cupcake, icing, cupcake…yeah, I keep repeating these words over and over as I am drunk on this book. Nope, I really didn’t drink a thing while reading this one, but their cupcakes seemed so real, I am still feeling the effects.


Food trucks rejoice! You now have a romance around them, but not in them…well the romance takes place outside of the truck as it is a working place. But it is also the leaping off point for this story of two people attracted to each other but circumstances keep putting road blocks in their way.


Jackson is The Cupcake Cowboy. Growing up on a ranch made him a cowboy and taught him a hard work ethic. When away at college, he completes his degree but falls in love with the city. His sister suggests he enter culinary school and wham! He meets his first teacher, Cass. While Jackson excels at cakes and cupcakes, he utterly fails at any other kind of pastry. Some kisses between classes excite the two, but Cass keeps him at arms length. After two years of school, he comes up with the idea of The Cupcake Cowboy food truck and presents his idea to Cass, who shoots him down.


Now Cass is trying to make amends when she sees the success Jackson has made out of his business. It doesn’t hurt he isn’t her student anymore and no conflict of interest. She sticks to her own cowgirl guns to apologize even when he gives her the cold shoulder. She even goes in for a second time at his house he shares with his sister. Then all bets are off as the two get hot and stick all on their own.


The story continues on with why Cass teaches, her hopes and dreams in a bucket. We learn more about Jackson’s relationship with his father. Throw all of this together and these two lovers have uphill battles to fight through the entire story.


We also get some insight into the next book in the series, The Sticky Cowgirl, which is based on Jackson’s little sister, Samantha.


While no smex happened on the truck, you get to see Jackson devote his time to making his business work. It isn’t easy and it was fun watching him find talent to help him in unlikely places. Oh, oh, oh, and I want his cupcakes! Does that sound dirty, because I really mean cupcakes an not his cock. Like cherry coke with whiskey, or rum or bourbon. Not to mention just interesting ones with coconut, red velvet, blue velvet and all kinds of velvet!


There is lots of sex…oh, my yes, and talk of kinky sex, oh oh oh, and even some swats on the tush here and there, oh, my! It will leave you gasping, panting and wanting to smoke a… well eat a cupcake instead!


What is your favorite flavor of cupcake? 

Would you love date a man who owned a cupcake food truck?

Would taste testing be a requirement?