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Review: Full Throttle by Erin McCarthy

Full Throttle (Fast Track) - Erin McCarthy

Full Throttle left me wondering where the reality was in this contemporary romance. Expecting some hot action, racing and some kink on the side, I as left scratching my head wondering what really was going on. Oh, I wasn’t confused, it just didn’t seem to fit.


Shawn Hamby is a 32 year old woman who thinks she knows what she wants and what she wants to do. When the lawyer read the will of her grandfather, she learns she has to marry quickly to hold onto the race track she helped him manage. But the night before, she traveled to a kink club (The Wet Spot) with her book club not believing what happens in the book is for real. When a handsome man asks her to dance, sparks fly, but he tells her his name is Rhett and she tells him she is Scarlet.


Rhett Ford isn’t looking for love, but he wont’ turn it away either. An intense guy, he comes in eight years younger than Shawn. When the two learn that Shawn’s best friend Eve is married to Rhett’s older brother, the two meet up again and Shawn proposes a deal to get married to Rhett. $100,000 after a year of marriage is his, so the two get hitched and it helps they are both attracted to each other.


Now, the age thing kept coming back up over and over. To the point I wanted to scream. It seems having so many older sisters who did everything for Rhett made him an intense, older than his age man who wants submission in bed…oh, and he doesn’t consider himself a Dom. I can’t say this was a BDSM book beyond getting tied up, a few spankings and a lot of mentioning of taking it up the ass.


Everything starts getting really good between these two and then it unravels like a frayed string. They both seem so immature to me and the whole marry to keep the track deal just seemed silly. Racing really isn’t a big part of the book and most of what was said left me confused. I don’t watch any kind of car races.


Oh, oh, oh … I have to tell you this one. Sophia Rose also reviewed the book and made me take a second look at the cover. Notice that the heroine has her leg up and wrapped around the hero while they are looking at something off the page. It is just kind of funny thinking they got interrupted in the middle of having a good time, but don’t seem to care. Or that they look like they are facing danger in the distance.


This one just didn’t hit a good cord with me. I wanted to like them, but they both had some character flaws that just fell flat. Then there was the marry for money/ownership and age and using no birth control…nor discussing it. Oh, she used the pill but later admitted not regularly. It all just fell flat with me and I couldn’t suspend my disbelief.


At what point to you have to suspend some of your disbelief to try to enjoy a story?
Do you like older woman/younger man stories? Why?