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Kidnapped for Christmas - Evangeline Anderson This is going to be a short review as the book is short as well. First is is a short book. Nothing wrong with that. What bothered me was it was an VERY overpriced book for the length. I never really look at the length of a book but this one burned me on price.

The story starts with two sisters around Christmas time. They aren't twins but they look a lot a like, except the Sabrina is the younger thin sister and Jillian is the older, plumper sister. By older I mean 13 months older.

Sabrina starts by telling Jillian she bought a kidnap scene from a "bonded by bondage" company. Throughout the entire book they like to abbreviate it to 'nap or 'napped. A little irritating.

Adam owns the local kidnapping business but has to go to a conventions so he enlists his brother Kyle's help. Both are Doms, but Kyle hasn't found the sub he wants.

Through a series of incidences, there is a mix up and Jillian is kidnapped by Kyle for a fantasy weekend Sabrina planned out. The only way out is the safe word the Jillian doesn't know. Jillian learns a lot about herself and Kyle finds the woman he wants to take on as a sub.

Overall, it is a short novella and you don't really get to know the characters really well. The romance takes place very quickly, less than 24 hours. So mostly is has a unbelievable feel about it. Overall, it just wasn't something I enjoyed.