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Bonds of Justice - Nalini Singh Bonds of Justice is the story of Max Shannon, human, who we have met in previous books in this series. He is a good cop with natural shields that protect his mind from the Psy mind invasions. Working a case on a serial murder, he is somewhat surprised when he is reassigned to investigate murders directly linked to a Psy Councilor, Nikita Duncan. Partnered with a J Psy was never his goal.

Sophia Russo is a Justice Psy, or J-Psy, able to draw the memories of horrendous acts from the minds of criminals, but especially murders. Becoming increasingly unstable, she is also surprised to be partnered with a human to find out who is killing the Councilor’s closest advisers. Max’s natural shields are like a breath of fresh air to her sensitized life.

I loved this book. I am completely drawn into Nalini Singh’s writing style. She has built a world of intrigue, love, passion, evil and the desperate deeds of a dying system call Silence. To fully understand any of these books, you need to read them in order as they build on each other giving you a view of the past, the present and the future.

I fell in love with Sophia. She is a strong woman who is constantly bombarded by the bad in people, never the good. Her life is shrouded in the threat of dying, since J-Psy usually are rehabilitated early in their lives or they go crazy from all the images floating in their mind. Sensitive to the slightest touch, she wears gloves to prevent being bombarded with memories of just anyone. Early in her life, there is an incident that causes her parents to shun her, actually legally have her made a ward of the state. She has never known love, only hate, but there is an inane goodness to her that Max sees and loves.

Max…oh, my…fanning myself. He’s a hottie. Being a cop has made him hard, but he too had a hard childhood with little love. He deeply cares about every case he takes and goes to the ends of the earth to solve each one and bring home the dead so their family can have peace. Seeing clearly, he knows Sophia is not totally Silent. He feels her goodness and is drawn to her. Early on he makes it clear, Sophia is his and he won’t let anyone hurt or take her from him. With his natural shields, he leads Sophia slowly into feeling. Slight touches to her ear as he tucks a strand of hair, holding her hand, hugging her. There are definite sparks between the two, but you can’t just jump a Psy and expect them not to black out from the sensations. Through slow, steady growth of love, they fall in love, growing closer in mind, spirit and body.

We also get to see some other stories, like Sascha is five months pregnant now and still learning about her E-Psy ability. She also wants to know more about her mother, Nikita Duncan. Nikita Duncan, Psy-Councilor, is losing many of her team members to suspicious deaths. Nikita, along with Anthony and Kaleb play bigger roles in this book. Their actions tell you a lot about what is happening to the Psy and what the future holds.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable book. It had suspense, love, magic (not the paranormal kind), deception, serial murders, and mystery. While not the best book in the series, it is one I would gladly re-read in the future.