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Friendly Fire - Megan Hart Sent to a tropical island for a mandatory authorized vacation, Agent Kendall Frasier doesn’t want to be reminded that Zane Vincent’s friendly fire killed her partner. Zane Vincent’s actions that night haunt him, but he knows he did everything right, so why does it hurt so much? The two are drawn to each other, but at the same time their past keep them from enjoying each other.

Both Kendall and Zane brought heavy guilt luggage to the island. Neither can accept that the agent who died, died from his own recklessness. Neither blame each other, but they both felt deep guilt over the events. This creates a tension between them that is more than just grief, but some uncomfortable understanding they each don’t want to admit at first.

I loved how Kendall was not afraid to take care of her own passion. There is a pretty awesome moment when she is taking care of business but doesn’t know Zane is there. There is tension, but most of it is put out there by Kendall for cover up on her true feelings about everything. The tension keeps building until there is some explosive scenes that never felt unnatural. It wasn’t a quick and easy falling in love, but it wasn’t a drama riddled romance either.

Mostly I wanted this book to be longer. What happened after the ending? I want to know. But that didn’t lessen my interest in this story, it just means I get to fill in the blanks.