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Touch Me - Callie Croix *E-book provided by NetGalley. This review is my honest opinion.

After being wounded while in service to the military, Army Captain Alex Montoya comes home on leave to heal. He has loaned his house to his best friend's sister, Tianna McIntyre, whom he has been in love with forever. She is off-limits to him, but her very presence stimulates and draws him with every breath. Keeping the friends act up is harder than he expected since she is getting divorced from an abusive husband.

Tianna is ready to move on after her marriage has ended. Taking Alex up on using his house until she can find a place to stay seems like a great idea until he comes home on leave. She finds herself aroused and wanting Alex at every turn. Long ago fantasies get dredged up when Alex returns and now Tia wants the man of her fantasies.But her insecurities from her marriage keep pushing her away from the love she knows is within her grasp.

This is a short story of two people who have been interested in each other for a long time, but through circumstances have not been able to a couple or even express their emotions for each other. Through some well planned moves, they come together, her to help him heal his war wounds and him to help build up her self-esteem again. While the story if well, written, I didn't feel any deep passion for the characters. Maybe that is because the story is short. They are likable and you want them to get together, but it was a forgettable book once I was done. I suggest reading it because as I said it is well written.