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Let Me In - Callie Croix I have read two of Callie Croix’s books and love the alpha men she writes about. The first book I read as her ménage book, No Holds Barred, where we meet Liam, who is on leave. This is Liam’s book. He is now retired from the Marine’s but still works as a contractor. Reaching his mid-thirty’s he is starting to think about settling down with a woman who can handle his alpha tendencies in the bedroom.

Talia is home on leave for Thanksgiving. Walking through the airport she ponders other’s having families there to greet them when she is hailed by her best friend, Angela, who is also Liam’s sister. They have come to bring her to their home for the holidays, but Talia keeps putting up brick walls. Talia’s mother is a horder and mentally unstable. They don’t get along but Talia keeps trying to save her mother. Embarrassed by the situation, she tries to hide it from her friends.

I really got tired of Talia pushing everyone away. Wanting to be a loner, but longing to be part of something. While I understood her embarrassment of her mother, it got old how she kept pushing everyone away. It felt kind of wrong that her best friend didn’t know much about the mother, only that there were problems. In fact the entire best friend and family seemed forced. They knew next to nothing about her because she kept pushing them away.

While I love Liam, being alpha doesn’t necessarily make this a BDSM book. At best it was light BDSM. His patience with Talia would strain even a saint. He makes the love scenes smoking hot, but I needed more from both for this book to resonate with me. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a great book. Just middle of the road for an author I adore reading.