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Caressed by Night - Amanda J. Greene I have wanted to read this book for months as it has glowing reviews on Goodreads. While it was a full length book, it didn’t take overly long to read. We meet Kerstyn Ingmar as she leaves a club and is rescued by a dark, sexy man. While she is attracted, he bundles her into a cab and sends her home. When arriving home she has an argument with her roommate and is kicked out. No where else to turn too, another friends suggests she stay with someone she knows. That someone is Dimitri, the man who rescued her in the dark alley.

Dimitri Arsov is the last remaining pure vampire with a dark secret. He is a seer of the future. Acting on something he has seen, he fakes his death for over 400 years. He is now back to seek revenge and meet his mate…Kerstyn. But Dimitri is haunted by bloody images of the future, but can he change fate?

The story seemed to grip me at first with some deep, dark passions that were only surface deep, ready to explode. The love scenes were explosively passionate. While I liked Dimitri, I had a harder time liking Kerstyn.

Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed with the book. It wasn’t bad it just had me questioning too many things. Kerstyn is way to naïve. She’s a virgin of course and trusts almost everyone. She moves in with Dimitri without even knowing him. Trustingly she just accepts everything he tells her about vampires, witches and shape shifters. Also in the beginning she seems so young and then starts to be so mature by the middle of the book.

The dialog left me feeling a little stilted. It didn’t draw me in as much as I wanted it too. At times it didn’t seem to have a point as well. I can’t quite describe it, but it just didn’t flow for me.

The relationship moved extremely fast and had no real conflict. It was way to easy and simple. Kerstyn just falls for Dimitri and nothing he says really stops her for very long. They fall in bed. He tells her he is a vampire. Tries to talk herself out it all, but can’t because she is so drawn to him. It just never seems to get deep or conflicted between them.

While there is a glossary at the beginning of the book, I found myself lost at times wondering what was going on. This is the second book in the series, but the first book takes place nearly 200 years in the past. This may be what caused some of my confusion at times.

Overall, it was a decent storyline with a very believable world built into it. The more and more we learn of Dimitri’s past make me want to gobble him up, but I lacked the faith the Kerstyn could keep him if she wasn’t his one true mate.