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Chasing Sin - Sara Brookes Kate is a storm chaser that sometimes gets in way over her head, but she has a very keen sense of where storms are headed. She is never wrong. When her jeep is totalled by a tornado she was in the path of, Snyder and Tripp are done with waiting for her to notice them. They have been in love with her forever and now they are determined to make her theirs.

With one night of passion, I couldn’t understand why she would run away from these men who are just as much adrenaline junkies as she is. The men are more hurricane chasers than tornado, but they float back and forth between the two with ease. When Kate leaves the next morning, more like sneaks out the door, the two men are left with more questions than answers.

When the three end up on an island with a hurricane headed straight for them, truths start to flow along with passion once again not letting them go. Snyder and Tripp are a committed couple, but they want Kate to round them out.

When I started this book, I was so excited to see tornado chasers! I live in tornado alley and am no stranger to tornadoes destroying lives. Heck, we had one tear through our backyard 6 years ago on July 4 and take out our kids playhouse cottage along with some of the neighbors properties being damaged. So when I read the imagery of Kate’s truck being thrown into someone’s house, I could relate. What kind of got me was why Kate let the men love her. It seemed mostly for release. But the next morning she couldn’t handle being between the two men and left. We learn later why.

When they all get thrown on an island together, I love how Snyder and Tripp set plans to get her back, but they really don’t seem conniving. The two men really need a break from things to reconnect and what better way than with the woman they both love.

A steamy romance that has action, passion, heartbreak and a surprise ending.