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Body Check - Deirdre Martin Over the summer I had a giveaway of sports related romance books. I asked the question, what are your favorite sports romance books? Body Check and the New York Blades series was suggested several times. Right away I put a ton of books on my wishlist. So when I was looking for a good alpha athlete and his spunky heroine, I picked this one up as my first try.

Janna MacNeil is a successful publicist, working to turn around even the worst images. When a winning hockey team needs a new image, she jumps at the job only to be stone walled by one player in particular, Ty Gallagher the captain of the New York Blades. Ty’s only goal is to win the Stanley Cup again and doesn’t give a fig about what the owners want.

The two clash over everything and it gets old fast. I don’t think Janna asks to much for the players to volunteer for good causes, but Ty stands firm on not doing anything that the owners want. He’s not really a bad guy, just jaded. He feels he got the owners the Stanely Cup and plans to get it again. What more do they want from him.

Then there is Janna who puts on a good tough front, but inside she doubts herself over and over. Coming from a family with really no love. Her parents don’t get along, her sisters are beautiful bitches and a younger brother she adores, but is so messed up by his parents arguing. Secretly she wants to own her own publicist company, but to scare to go out on her own.

Then there is an incident that didn’t sit well with me over all. One of the other players abuses Janna’s best friend on a date. She escapes, but when she presses charges, it is Janna’s department looking for dirt on the friend and trying to discredit her. While Janna wasn’t involved with the dirt finding, she was pressured to work on the friend to get her to drop the charges. Ty didn’t totally believe everything at first, but then he steps in with a solution that I thought was a piece of crap. In the end, the friend probably would never have won, but this just didn’t seem to give the other player much of a punishment for his actions.

So the story was just ok. I didn’t grow to love either character nor any of the side characters. They all just left me feeling the world is filled with useless people who don’t give a crap about anyone but themselves. Oh, wait I did like two characters. I liked Kevin and his wife. Kevin was an assistant captain and Ty’s only friend. Unfortunately, the book wasn’t about Kevin.

In the end, there is a twist that made me really want to throw Ty into outer space and leave him there. He just wasn’t a stand up guy and no way would I ever trust him with my heart. Janna just wasn’t the confident female she needed to be to put Ty in his place. She was his doormat I felt and bent to what he wanted. While there was the element of sports, I think I am done with this series unfortunately.