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Gamble in Gold: A Flirting to Win Novella - Natalie Anderson I wondered from the start if I would like this book. In general I did, but it suffered from being too short and when the going got good, it ended.
Lexie Peterson was an exchange student in America when she had a crush on the hosting families son, Luke Marchetti. Shy and young, she got her heart torn up when Luke stayed away from her, but did give her that one kiss. Now seven years later, out of a job and looking for some adventure, Lexie moves to London only to be housed in Luke's flat while he is training. A glorified dog sitter is what she becomes when the pooch doesn't take to being boarded up.

When Luke finds the sexy Lexie in his apartment, he's ready to get her in bed. He remembers Lexie and all the feelings he had for her before he was warned off. Now, he is free to have a fling, but is Lexie more than just a fling?

A delightfully cute story of love that last the ages even if it was just puppy love. Ultimately this suffered from being too short. Most of the time is taken up with character and past development that when it starts getting good, it's over. For a quick afternoon delight, this story fits the bill!