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My Wicked Nanny - Ann Mayburn My Wicked Nanny caught me by surprise. I kept seeing it pop up on review sites and just the cover alone made me want to read it because I refused to read a review, not wanting to ruin my experience. Boy did my socks get knocked off.

At first I was confused about the internship and the lady that helps Anya get a job as a waitress at a BDSM club. But that doesn't play a big part in the story. She has taken on this extra job to save money to go to Paris to study costume design.

We meet Anya Kozlov on her first night working at Club Wicked. Having led a pretty tame life so far, the young lady gets her eyes open wide and an undercover name, Dove. While delivering her first order, she is beyond shocked to see her employer at the club, no less to be pulled on his lap when he thinks she is going to pass out. Fortunately for her, she is wearing a mask and totally different clothing than she does during the day while being a nanny to his twin five year old boys. Both Anya and her employer are instantly drawn to each other.

Jesse Shaw is a widower and a member of Club Wicked. While he plays with subs, he never takes one on for very long, not wanting to form too much of an attachment. When he sees dove, he can't believe how attracted to her he is, nor the sense that he has to make her his.

The two begin a journey to explore their attraction and the BDSM elements that play into it. After Anya works her shifts, she meets up with Jessie, but retains her anonymity. Anya knows she is leaving for Paris soon and while she has had a crush on her boss since the beginning, she doesn't think he will accept her once he knows she is the nanny of his kids.

I was instantly pulled into this book and couldn't put it down! I had a few issue though, but that didn't hold up my interest or keep me from running out to get the first book in this series.

Let's get the issues out of the way. There is an age gab of 12 years between the two. Not bad. but it does play some part into the story on how both feel about the Paris trip. The age of Anya also concerned me since she went from shy, nanny, costumes designer wanna-be to a woman who loves BDSM and needs pain to orgasm. It happens slowly, but I guess the sheltered feeling I had of Anya would have been more shocked and shy away from BDSM than what she did.

The good...oh there is too much goodness to list or I would ruin the story. I loved how Anya grew more confident in herself, her body and what she wanted in life. She went from shy to confident and not afraid to get what she wants. I didn't see much growth in Jessie. He was a man who knew what he wanted and when he loves, he loves with his whole heart. Jessie's mother...oh, I want someone like her to come be a grandma to my kids and take them for ice cream.

The BDSM was hot as well as painful at times. It started off slowly, but became intense with each new scene. There is no back tracking and after they find out about each other, the story moves fairly quickly.
As I continue to read this series, I hope we get glimpses of these two as they have their whole lives ahead of them, a BDSM club to attend and twin boys that will keep them running. Good thing Jessie is rich and can afford a "nanny" :)