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Permanent Marker - Angel Payne Permanent Marker is the second installment in the Kinky Truth Series. In book one, we meet Dacia and her men, David and Kress. Through the course of that story we know Dacia has a difficult relationship with her father who is a senator. Well, Dacia and her father overcome their issues, but I didn't expect to see the father get his own book. Permanent Marker is Senator Mark Moore's story.

Mark Moore has retired from being a Senator with hopes of the presidency after reconnecting with his daughter when her life was in danger. The love of his life died from cancer and he closed himself off in his grief. Now he is ready to let go, but not expecting to find anyone, nor is he looking for anyone to fill the void in his life. When he shows up in Nassau to conduct training on some corporate recruits headed to help Iraq rebuild, he doesn't expect to fall for the first woman who stirs his desires after six dormant years.

Rose Fabian is looking for a second chance. After being left at the alter and being torn down by her family, she just wants to find something that fulfills her. People can be cruel and when Mark steps in to defend, her submissive nature she has been trying to hide flairs its head. But the age gap between them as well as both their social standings, has her warding her heart against him over and over again.

Honestly? I didn't know how I would feel reading a story of an older man who loved his dead wife so much he kind of gave up on his daughter. Dacia I guessed to be in her mid-twenties so I guessed Mark to be in his late 40s early 50s. Now he is ready to let go of his dead wife, but he is also a Dominant. When Mark and Rose share their first kiss, he can feel her submissive need to surrender to him, but she runs and he isn't going to let her run.

I didn't totally buy that saying some naughty things to her fiancé caused him to run or even what she said could be misconstrued as it was. Gee, what couple hasn't dabbled in a little tie me up or kidded about spankings? Being that Rose is from a rich family, she is set as an outcast. Her brother is such a dickwad! He tries to control her and her mother, but neither the brother or mother ever says anything nice to Rose.

Rose really had some issues to get over and Mark takes her in hand and won't give up. Once again there isn't any talk about limits but at least this one didn't push me all the wrong ways. Mark gives he a safeword and expects her to use it.

I really liked this story or redemption. Redemption of Mark from loving a wife so much he gave up on his child almost till it was too late. Redemption of Rose from living under the yoke of society and her family. The two balanced each other in ways that made even my heart sing.

Angel's writing continues to grow as the series goes on. I recommend this book to anyone who wants love to triumph over all no matter of age or sexual kinks. It's a good look into going after what you want, with a spanking thrown in for good measure.