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Club Shadowlands (Masters of the Shadowlands, #1)

Club Shadowlands (Masters of the Shadowlands, #1) - Cherise Sinclair Jessica Randall is having a bad night. First on a date, she drives out of her way for a date that just isn't great. Taking back roads home she loses control of her vehicle in the rain, running into a ditch. In desperate need of warmth and help, Jessica approaches an isolated house of a private club. Agreeing to abide the rules, Jessica signs the club agreement without reading it and is soon shocked and aroused by what she finds out. Club Shadowlands is a BDSM club catering to Doms and their subs, but is Jessica aware she is submissive?

Master Z, or Zachary outside of the club, is the owner of Club Shadowlands. He is a natural Dom, who hasn't been attracted to a woman in years. So what happens when he takes in a stray and learns she is submissive? He pushes her boundaries and helps her discover the submissive within.

BDSM books are a dime a dozen, but not all are the caliber that Cherise Sinclair writes about. Sinclair draws us into a decadent world, where most people would not even begin to tread. The Doms are masterful and the submissives are strong and re-silent. She isn't afraid to show you the troubling side that subs have when they go from being what they think are normal to deviant thoughts. You like the characters and realize that while fictional, they are people who could be in your everyday life. While feeling different, they really are real people who still have jobs, lives, and families.

Master Z is Dominant without being over powering. He reads people and seems to know their needs. While he pushes Jessica's boundaries, he is overly pushy; knowing when to push and when to let her just experience the moment. Being a little older, and I don't mean old, I think helps in giving him a mature air. On the flip side, Jessica is in her twenties and younger, but also not a skinny thing. He loves the curves and we love him for the fact that he doesn't need an ultra skinny person. He sees her for the beauty she is both inside and out.

The book showed me a lifestyle I wasn't very familiar with. It is not a book for just anyone, you have to be open-minded to accept that not everyone has the same sexual orientation that you do and that it is ok. I applaud how the author makes you realize just how human these characters are. I truly loved this book and went on to read everything she had to offer. If you like a little slap and tickle...check this out. It is more than a slap and tickle, but a very human book that will get you to thinking.