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Dark Citadel (Masters of the Shadowlands, #2)

Dark Citadel - Cherise Sinclair Kari and her boyfriend break up on the first night of BDSM for Beginners class at Club Shadowlands, a private fetish club. She is given the option of continuing with Master Dan or going home. Unwilling to give up her fantasies about BDSM, she learns the meaning of D/s and craves the touch of the one Master of her heart.

We meet Master Dan in the first book of this series, but learn a lot more about him. Still mourning his wife, he avoids taking on a submissive permanently, never taking them on for more than one night. When the pretty schoolteacher is left alone without a partner for the BDSM for Beginners class, he steps right in to help her along. As he helps explore the feelings Kari is having he realizes just how lonely his life is. Could this be the submissive love he needs to complete his life?

Let's just say it... I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! Kari reminds me of a lot of people. She is a schoolteacher who was raised in a very conservative family. Sex outside of marriage just isn't right, but she has feeling she just can't explain. So when her current boyfriend suggests they take this class, she jumps right in only to discover within the first class, that the boyfriend isn't the right person for her. She breaks up with him, but Master Z, who owns and runs Club Shadowlands, allows her to stay and learn with Master Dan the first night. What is not to love about this woman. She comes to the first night of the class wearing her school clothes which are as far away from revealing and sexy as you can get. But she has an essence that Master Dan latches onto, but wants to deny all the time.

Master Dan is just that, a Master. He is a detective in real life. Having been married to who he thought was the one and only love of his life, he can't move on after her death. He takes on subs but never takes the same one twice, but unwilling to give up the lifestyle. For three nights, Master Dan dominates Kari and the two learn more that just about each other. They learn to overcome conventional thoughts on love, life and marriage.

Cherise Sinclair writes in such a personal style. You feel what the characters, the issues they are facing and how they react to them. They are real people who have a different way of life, but still live lives outside of the world. It is incredible how you learn about the lifestyle along with the characters and realize it just isn't about whips and chains.

This is such a great series and I enjoyed seeing all the characters from book one come back...especially Jessica and Master Z.