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Wicked Games

Wicked Games - Jill Myles Abby isn’t the reality show type, but especially not on a survival show. Not given much choice, Abby heads off to the tropics and hopefully lucrative book deals on her experience. Early on Abby realizes that everyone is out to win and all costs. She’s well over her head.

The rules for the season change and Abby finds herself paired up with the athletic Dean. Sparks fly and not the desirable kind at first. The two have to learn to work together or lose the prize they both are coveting. But will betrayal drive them apart?

Wicked Games is an interesting story. I didn’t read the description of the book before I started reading so I had no idea what it was about. One pet peeve of mine…I don’t like first person books. I generally like hearing what other characters are thinking. The one saving part of this is at the beginning of each chapter, you get a part of Dean’s diary and you see how he grows to care about Abby. Otherwise you only have Abby’s feelings on what was happening.

The book is steamy! I love the scene where they finally come together. I just wished that Abby didn’t second guess herself constantly. Emotions run high and often these players aren’t polite or sympathetic to anyone. Since I am not a reality show person, I am guessing this is betrayed very accurately.

For a free book, this was a surprisingly a very super book. I know I wouldn’t be able to go on a reality survival show. The descriptions had me itching just thinking about it. Short and sweet, I would read this author again gladly.