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Catching Caroline

Catching Caroline - Sylvia Day Caroline feels instant attraction to Jack when she sees him at a ball. But as her fangs punch through, she runs in fear that she might drain him if within proximity. Jack corners her at in the gardens of a ball they both are attending. When he kisses her, Caroline disappears and starts her long journey of being on the run for two years. Jack won’t give up. He has found the woman of his dreams.

This is a very quick book to read. It’s not bad, but I would say it had me crying for more. It was just ok. The paranormal pieces were ok, but without much of a back story, they were just vampires. Not sure if night or day affected them in any way. You kind of assume that daylight doesn’t bother them, but really you don’t know.

The love scenes were hot, but they fell way to instantly in love as is normal for paranormal books. There was conflict, but mostly from Caroline not being honest and upfront with Jack.

No great aha moments. Just a fun short reading experience.