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Unmasked (Masked, #2)

Unmasked (Masked, #2) - Lissa Matthews Unmasked is the latest installment in a trio of books about Thor and Bobby (or Robert as we now know). I was smacking my head as I realized Bobby was short for Robert and that Robert as well as Thor were in Pink Buttercream Frosting! In Pink Buttercream Frosting, Thor and Robert are supporting characters. While you don’t need to read Pink Buttercream Frosting to understand this story, it is a great book in its own right. But to really understand this story, you need to read Masked, the first book in this trilogy.

Bobby has returned to the Abyss, mask firmly on his face, with a desire to see Thor again. After a business dinner, Bobby is so anxious to see Thor, he doesn’t change out of his work clothes, going straight to the club. His single purpose is to see Thor again after finding fulfillment and desire in their last meeting. Bobby decides he must remove the mask and reveal his hunger to Thor.

Thor isn’t out of the closet and doesn’t flog men. Drawn to Bobby, Thor makes the decision it is time to reveal his preference in men. Thor straps Bobby to the St. Andrews Cross and proceeds to give Bobby a very erotic flogging in front of everyone at the club.

Will Thor want Bobby? Will they both be comfortable revealing they are gay openly? Is this a fling, or is it something more?

Again I am blown away by Lissa Matthews writing! This series of stories are short stories, but pack so much into them without feeling heavy and rushed. Her writing style is intense and emotional. You are drawn into each scene wanting the best outcome, but also wanting to see the passion blossom between the characters. Thor is the incredibly sexy Dom that knows who he is and what he wants. Bobby is the lecher of women, who has been hiding his true self. Both are ready to openly accept each other, but will Bobby’s identity throw Thor off?

The first book is mostly from Thor’s point of view. This book is mainly from Bobby’s point of view. This has me wondering what point of view we will see in the third book.

The stories are short, but it works well for this series. You get a little at a time, making you crave for the next book. I am just sad it will end at book three as I think this would make a great ongoing series.

While I am not into M/M stories in general, I can say Lissa Matthews writes them very well. Even though Thor and Bobby haven’t actually had sex yet, I know she will write their first scene with as much care as she has written these books. It is making really long to read that scene when it happens.