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Immortal of Darkness (Immortal Series, #3)

Immortal of Darkness (Immortal Series, #3) - Alexis McNeil How to review this book? It was just plain bad but I finished it. This is the third book in the Immortal Series. The first two were about the same, but slightly better. When you get to this book, you get the story of Cain an immortal warlock. You don't need to know the entire story as to why he is immortal for this book, but it was an interesting premise and I think the story would have worked better if she had stuck to it versus removing Cain from the series in effect. You don't have to read either of the first two books in this series because she doesn't even refer back to the previous characters, nor the story line for the series.

Then there is Gwen...hiding a secret and seems so timid...not even a good kind of timid. I just didn't like her. She got a backbone towards the end of the book, but you already didn't like her so why bother investing in her character at the end?

The sex was mediocre at best. The love story wasn't even that great. They jumped from one scene to another without bridging what happened in between. It was just a train wreck of a story. I couldn't like any one of the characters at all.

I wanted to like this book, to support a new author, but this isn't my cup of tea. I don't even know if I will attempt to read the fourth and final book in this series when there are other great books to read.