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Revealed (Masked, #3)

Revealed (Masked, #3) - Lissa Matthews In this final installment of Thor and Bobby’s relationship, Bobby was given a set of instructions to follow in the last book. A week has passed and Bobby arrives at Thor’s house having discussed he was gay with his friend Aidn and his parents. Bobby is ready to begin this relationship with all his heart, but he does have a few reservations about being submissive to Thor’s dominant. Thor claims Bobby and then all the self-doubt starts to form in Bobby. Mostly he just keeps thinking about everything and getting lost in his own world, making Thor have to drag him out of that world and back to reality.

The final book is a little longer than the first two and does have more than one scene and one point of view. You don’t meet any other characters in this one. Everything takes place in Thor’s home over the course of two days.

Again, I want to stress how classy Lissa Matthews writing is in this series. She takes a subject that is not welcomed in most mainstream homes and makes it to be what it is meant to be: two people loving each other. There is a BDSM element to this book, but it doesn’t over power things. They are both growing and learning what they want, and Lissa allows their characters to do that without rushing the relationship to get it into one book. It doesn’t take long to read and was a fun quick way to spend an afternoon learning about two manly characters.

Heard that this might not be the last book!