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All I Want for Christmas is You (Fate with a Helping Hand, #1)

All I Want for Christmas is You (Fate with a Helping Hand, #1) - Lisa Mondello Full review: http://seducedbythebook.com/?p=1744

Abandoned by her family, Lauren Alexander has raised her daughter own her own for six years. Times are tough, but Lauren has provided a stable and loving life for Kristen. This Christmas, Kristen wants one thing for Christmas: a daddy. Lauren isn’t ready to get into a relationship just to give her daughter a father she desperately wants. She has been burned by the father of her daughter leaving her and her parents refusing to support her decision to keep her daughter. She just doesn’t need the complication of a man in her life.

Kyle Preston has had a tough life. His father gives up his rights as a parent when Kyle is just 12 years old. Put into foster care, he is placed with a family who loves him and ultimately adopts him. Kyle knows hardship, pain and tough work. Playing Santa at his own mall, he hears what Kristen wants more than anything for Christmas. He wants a family too, but is Lauren the one he can make a life with?

This is a wonderfully cute, romantic Christmas story. There is pain to be healed, romance to be worked for and children running around everywhere. The one thing I had a problem with was the relationship takes place in less than 25 days. Extremely quick for real world. There isn’t any steamy love scenes. They are there, but they are quick and over in an instant. Kristen is adorable! Lauren is a strong woman just burned by love so many times she is leery to try again. Kyle just wants a family to love after coming from a wonderful adoptive family.

While I liked it, it isn’t a hugely great book. I is just ok…a nice change of pace, but just ok. Christmas was in the title, but I guess I wanted more Christmas to the story. For a fun afternoon read, this is a good choice.