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Holiday Sparks

Holiday Sparks - Shannon Stacey Chloe Burke is house-sitting for her parents over the holidays while her parents go on a three week cruise. Upon arriving, she immediately blows a fuse warming up coffee. Attempting to through the breaker switch, she realizes that electrical system in this old house is, well plain old and a fire hazard. Searching through the phone book, she finds an electricians number and calls right away to get the fuse replaced.

Scott Quinn is a local electrician, having lived in town all of his life. Chloe Burke was often his fantasy girl in his dreams, even though she never knew he existed when they were teenagers. A lot of changes has been made to his appearance like laser eye surgery and he is now buff from working out. After changing the fuse, he tells Chloe that it is a mess basically.

So the two devise a plan to replace the electrical system as Chloe’s gift to her parents for Christmas. This puts the two young lovers around each other a lot. She is always cold and he is always hot, taking off his shirt. The become friends again, and eventually lovers over the course of the holiday. But she has a job in the big city and he just wants to stay in the small town.

This is a short and delightful Christmas love story. They were both normal, average people falling in love. The only drama to the story was her going back home and could they find a resolution to be together. It made me feel young again at the start of a good and loving relationship. The characters and supporting characters are all great. For a little holiday cheer, I suggest this short novella.