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Last Man on Earth

Last Man on Earth - Michelle M. Pillow Last man on earth…those words keep haunting Rena Gates. Three years ago Micco Hagan propsitioned her and she told him not if he was the last man on earth would she sleep with him. Now three years later, he almost is the last man on earth, or under water. A virus has hit earth wiping out a majority of humanity. Now Dr. Micco Hagan is in charge of matching up the surviors to make the way for the future generation.

This is a very quick book that doesn’t go into what happened on earth very deeply. You just know there has been a virus and now we are fighting for our survival. Micco creates a program for compatibility and everyone gets married at one big ceremony and then it is onto mating. But Rena can’t let go of the past when her and Micco are paired. So this is the short story of how they get past that.

The sex is hot, hard and fast. The book takes place over several days, but not a particularly long time. And that about sums it up. Short book on how two people get past a bad meeting in the past and make way for a future.