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Night Reigns (Immortal Guardians, #2)

Night Reigns (Immortal Guardians, #2) - Dianne Duvall Ami just wanted to return her movie rentals, but when she hears sounds she easily recognizes, she can’t leave the Immortal to battle by himself against eight vampires. Grabbing her silencer and gun, she helps to take out vampires and meets the elusive Immortal, Marcus. When Seth makes her Marcus’s second, she is slightly confused, but eager to do her job.

Marcus has lived over 900 years. He has loved and lost, but that love was never returned in any way other than sisterly love. While determined to do his job as an Immortal, he doesn’t want to take on a second and mess up his life of lonely grumpiness. Time after time though, Ami covers his ass in battle making him more aware of her as a woman and not just his second.

The war between Immortals and vampires is heating up when the vampires are taken over by a “king” who organizes massive vampire attacks. In this world, vampires never work in more than 2-3 packs if at all and go crazy after a few years of turning. Immortals are gifted ones who when turned into vampires actually turn into Immortals. But Immortals haven’t given up on looking for a cure to help vampires, but vampires aren’t trying to help that process.

On top of everything as usual, things must be kept hush hush because humans can’t handle the knowledge of vampires, Immortals and aliens … oh my.

Ami and Marcus fall pretty quickly in love. Marcus’s biggest hang up is she isn’t Immortal or a gifted one, so he has to accept the thought she will die eventually, but probably long before he does. This doesn’t hang him up too long. Ami keeps getting shot up, cut up, stabbed, beaten, you name it, in battle and often the Immortals heal her, but Marcus never suspects she is more than human until she tells him she has premonitions of him in trouble and can find him when she wants. Then he starts to suspect all kinds of things, but reality will shake you up. I am going to give a spoiler here so please don’t click on the show more if you don’t want to know.

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See site if you wish to read this spoiler (http://www.delightedreader.com/posts/review-night-reigns-by-dianne-duvall/)

Without giving too much away, I can’t say to much more other than there is a side story of the vampires, but even a bigger threat that will play a bigger part in books to come. I felt there was a slightly cop out in this book on Ami…read the spoiler if you want to know it, but otherwise I won’t say any more.

I really liked the characters. Ami was strong, kicked ass but still had a feminine side. I love Seth as the oldest Immortal, who seems wise. But there is also something going on with him that we only see a hint of. Wings…well, she doesn’t explain them so I guess we have to wait to find out more. Marcus was an ok character. I didn’t like that he pined for a woman who was his friends wife for hundreds of years and thinks his love life is over. Just wasn’t really plausible in my mind.

While I loved the first book in this series, this book left me feeling blah. Not horrible, just too many things I didn’t like and wish she had a better story for. This won’t stop me from reading the next book in the series, but I won’t be anxiously awaiting it like I did this one.