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Ride with Me

Ride with Me - Ruthie Knox Full review at http://www.delightedreader.com/posts/e-arc-review-ride-with-me-by-ruthie-knox/
eARC provided through NetGalley. Review is my honest opinion.

Lexie Marshall is ready to ride. Her brother and her have grown up listening to their parents tell the story of meeting on the TransAmerica Trail. Training and planning experience a hiccup when Lexie’s brother gets married and opts out of the trip. Lexie can take care of herself, but its nice to have a riding partner. Putting an ad in the paper, she shifts through them until she finds the one she feels will make this trip the experience she has expected all her life.

Tom feels put upon when his sister signs him up with a riding partner. Believing Lexie is a guy based upon the name Alex being used, he is stunned with the beautiful woman ends up being his partner. But he doesn’t want a partner especially one he is attracted to.

Keeping a distance between them is all Tom wants besides pawning her off onto another partner. As miles pass, he grows more and more attracted to Lexie’s bubbly personality, while Lexie is constantly staring at the backside of Tom. Things heat up, but demons from both their pasts may well end them when the ride approaches the end.

When I first started reading this book, I was a little concerned on how I would like it since I know nothing about riding. While I admire people who can ride like this, it isn’t something I would enjoy the TransAmerica Trail is a riding experience from coast to coast across the US. You can go east to west or west to east the the characters in this book did. It seems to be a lot of camping, taking time to see unusual sites, weight loss from tons of riding and sometimes no shower in sight.

I spent more of the book getting to know characters and not so much the riding aspect. It was interesting but without the romance to it, I probably would not have read it.

Getting past the riding part, the characters were very interesting. Lexie is an English teacher in high school and knows how to handle petulant people, including Tom. She spends a lot of time talking him through his issues and making him see sides he hadn’t considered before. While she was bubbly and trying to get everything out the trip, she was also very detail oriented. She at times just couldn’t let go of a timeline to be somewhere and lacked spontaneity. Two failed engagements make her not even want to get involved with anyone.

Tom has some heavy baggage he is carrying around that have pushed him into being a hermit. He at times just up and goes riding on trails without telling anyone. Pushing himself, or in a way finding himself, he thinks going back to nature will take that baggage away. With Lexie’s help he starts to think of things in a different light and even start to forgive himself in the process.

The romance build slowly as the miles pass by building until it cumulates into some hot tent sex. The author doesn’t hide from the hot side of romance and delivers a punch with each scene.

The ending felt a little abrupt, but there is a hope for the future. Overall, a wonderfully solid and delightfully fun story!