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Committed: An Erotic Valentine's Tale

Committed: An Erotic Valentine's Tale - Lissa Matthews This is a very short novella about two lovers who grew up in families who had open relationships. By open I mean multiple partners, sometimes at once and sometimes just one-on-one. Matt and Grace have lived in an open relationship since they met, but they both know they love each other. For some time Grace has not taken part of the openness of the relationship, instead just indulging in Matt. Matt now has invited her on his business trip so they can have a talk and redefine their relationship or he will let her go so she can find a man who can give her what she wants.

I sometimes just want a quick book. This is it. I enjoyed it throughly, but I can't tell you more than what I just said or you wouldn't have to read the book. So I just suggest you read this wonderfully, erotic tale of two lover's on Valentine's Day.