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Under His Hand

Under His Hand - Anne Calhoun Navy SEAL Drew Norwood has very few rules or requests for his girlfriend Tess Weston, but the one he wants followed mostly is keeping her windows and doors locked and closed at all times. He only wants her safety in a rough neighborhood and he doesn't think that is a hard rule to follow until he comes home from a mission to see the upstairs windows wide open. To make sure she understands this rule when he presented it to her, he told her the consequences of not doing it: a spanking.

When the air conditioning goes out on her house, Tess Weston doesn't have the money to fix it. She knowingly opens the upstairs windows. Unbeknownst to her, her boyfriend scaled to the windows and is lurking in the shadows watching her. She knows the consequences, but she just can't believe he cares enough to spank her. But when she is abruptly thrown to the wall and ravished, she knows he means business.

Under His Hand is a wonderful short story of a woman who doesn't really think she has any value and a man who wants to make sure she understands he loves her. When she won't take his money and goes against a rule he has stated, he has to become the alpha male and show her her value to him.

The love scenes are wickedly hot with the alpha male coming out to show what is his needs to be protected. While I still don't think every woman with problems needs to be fixed by a spanking, this may be one instance where she needed to know that leaving her windows open could very well mean the end of her life.

A intriguing short story that will have you believing a man an love a woman in all the right ways.