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Bloodlust - Larissa Ione I really have to learn to read synopsis of a book when I buy them. In my defense, I love Larissa Ione and when I saw this was free on Amazon, I stepped right up and bought it without even finding out what it all was about. Imagine my shock when I started reading in essence an erotic horror story.

Now I am not really a horror movie or book kind of fan. While I can take blood in a story, it is usually drawn through a vein by lovers that really do have love for each other. They don't tend to bathe in it. And they do tend to like one another as well.

So we meet Sir Brynn of Lochland as he is being auctioned off at night because the Queen Vampire of course can only shop at night. Queen Sorla fondles Brynn and generally humiliates him in public, then purchases him for the intent to make him a sexual slave as well as blood slave.

In general Sir Brynn is humiliated, manhandled, used for blood and sex. He is one pissed off guy but the end of this book.

This isn't a love story. It isn't a paranormal romance. It really is all about the blood, sex and debauchery. I appreciate the story for the genre it is, but I can't say I really liked it. Well written with an OMG WTF just happened moment!