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Forever In Blue Jeans (Blue Jeans and Hard Hats #3)

Forever In Blue Jeans (Blue Jeans and Hard Hats #3) - Lissa Matthews This book rocked my world! I can’t say how much I love the Blue Jeans and Hard Hats series. These are honest working people who find love while dealing with life in a small mountain town.

The book opens up with Cort, an electrician, arriving at a job site only to find out the job is for a woman he met five years ago, fell head over ass in love with on a one night stand and lost her the next day. To say he is ticked off is an understatement. He has given up on finding love and never forms an attachment to a women who doesn’t know there won’t be more in the future. When his buddies, Buck and Decker, invite him up to the mountains for this job and to pitch a company project to him, he thinks he is just there to work and catch up on friendship. But plans change with a whole lot of anger coming out along with sweat drenching passion.

Blue is just as shocked to see Cort, the man she fell in love with five years ago, but couldn’t handle the emotions and ditched him while he was sleeping. Her aunt having passed away, she is only in Savannah to spread her ashes. Mourning her loss, she heads back home and starts living some of her wild side, never forgetting Cort. She’s a free spirit who is not ashamed of her body, nor the fact that she loves to have it photographed.

Once again we meet the friends from the previous book: Buck and Caroline along with Rosie and Decker. We also get introduced to a new character, Neil, who is Blue’s gay friend. I suspect, or maybe hope, that Ms. Matthews will write a M/M story featuring Neil.

There were so many reasons to love this book. Cort is am normal man. He doesn’t really have a lot of baggage except for a failed engagement and no Blue leaving him. But Blue leaving him really makes him think a lot in this book. We don’t just see the woman’s perspective, we get to see the deep hurt that Blue inflicted and Cort’s deep need to find love with her around all the painful things he is finding out about her. He isn’t a prude by far, but he does have some issues with Blue’s behavior.

Blue you could say has some baggage of feeling like people leave her. Her parents die when she is young. Then she is raised by an aunt until she is 30. I guess I wouldn’t say that is baggage because people die and you can’t hang on to it forever. She is a free spirit in a small town which isn’t hard, but people do wonder about her. Free spirit here means, she is comfortable in her own skin. She can go naked or dressed up. There are tatoos that while aren’t a problem, it is what they are and where they are that Cort gets a little tangled up on. Blue is a very physically loving person. By that I don’t mean sexually, she just likes to cuddle with her friends and this isn’t something Cort is used to or willing to bend on.

One key piece I loved was that Cort just didn’t automatically forgive Blue and move forward. He still felt extremely strong emotions towards Blue, and he wanted her, but the anger just didn’t go away over night. While Blue expected some retribution, I felt he was very strong in dealing with his feelings and working through them. Often he wanted to talk about the issues, not sweep them under a rug. Unfortunately it seemed like every talk got interrupted.

The food in this book made me hungry. Lissa Matthews love to bake in her own time, so each book ask food I just want to reach in and grab. This time I want some of that blackberry pie please.

Forever in Blue Jeans is a rare gem of a book that has lusty passion, conservative behaviors and a deep love that will last the test of time.