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Accidentally in Love with...A God? (Accidentally Yours, #1)

Accidentally in Love with...A God?   - Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Right away I was struck with out much I liked Emma when the story started. She is the queen of one liner’s and she has a pocket where she stores problems she can’t deal with. Well in this story she must have over filled that pocket over and over. One thing that did get me about her was there seemed to be a love triangle that really didn’t make me happy. Most of the time I was kind of in a jumble of how she felt because she flipped back and forth a lot.

Voltan, Guy or whatever you want to call him…man I want to fall in love with this God. He has been in Emma’s life, though only as a voice, since she was a baby. While he may be seventy thousand-year old God, he falls hard for he woman he has been a part of for 22 years. When she rescues him from his cenote, you often questions his actions towards her. Mostly he did everything to protect her, but I also would have been a very angry person if he kept avoiding the questions Emma asked.

The story had an interesting voice. When Emma was talking it was in first person. While in Guy’s head it was in third person. You always knew who was talking but it was hard at times going back and forth between voices.

Interestingly…I didn’t feel a great love between the two characters. Attraction, yes, but especially in Emma, I just felt she was confused about what love was at time. Guy being a God, it made sense why he kept fighting the feelings he had for Emma thinking he would kill her if he loved her. Emma in my mind fell in and out of love with Guy and another character on whim every other chapter.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. Had a few problems with minor points, but in general, I was laughing most of the way. The book leaves you with a cliff hanger that will make you beg of the next book.