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The Last Girl

The Last Girl - Kitty Thomas Full review at http://delightedreader.com

The Last Girl is a dark look into a relationship that is not the normal vanilla relationship and definitely darker than you average D/s relationship. Please note this is a work of fiction and while there is a lot of non-consensual acts, it isn’t totally non-consensual.

Christian has been around for a long time. Owning human pets is nothing new to him, but he also knows they don’t last long so he tries to give them up. When he and his friends break into a house, he knows Juliette is hiding in her closet. He is drawn there to her, but he never lets her look upon his face. Leaving, he allows her to grow up, but never to love another man physically or emotionally, constantly watching over her.

After the night of the break in, Juliette has know a disquiet in her soul that something is not right. She is still a virgin, both from not finding someone she really wants and also because something happens when it does get that far. She can’t sleep at night, haunted by nightmares of Christian that are also erotic. Her parents have since divorced and her mother owns a bakery where Juliette goes to mix unique colors of icing for her cookies. She’s in college, but nothing seems to satisfy her.

Christian finally decides it is time to make her his pet and where it gets so dark and confusing. Christian is brutally honest with Juliette. He will take care of her, but she will do things his way or experience agonizing pain and even death. He picks only the finest things for her, but he does this to prolong her life, knowing that what he intends to do will eventually kill her. She tries to escape once and you learn just how far he will go. He warns her that she doesn’t want him to fall in love with her because that can only mean more pain and a horrible death. While I didn’t want to like Christian and really I didn’t, I was drawn to his dark side. Like a car crash, I could not look away at what he put Juliette through.

Juliette on the other hand left me with mixed emotions, while she was probably extremely honest with her emotions. She wanted to be kidnapped by Christian, but it was a deep dark emotion she was unwilling to admit too. At one point she admits she is falling under Christian’s spell and accepting everything he wants to make him happy. She fights herself and weakly fights her situation in the beginning. As time passes she grows to accept things and even grow to have emotions for Christian beyond captor.

The ending blew me away, but after reading it, really it was the only way to end it.

While it was a well written book, do not confuse this with the normal stream of erotica or BDSM books. It is dark and deeper than anything I have read, that drew me into thinking about it more than just experiencing it. You can’t just read and enjoy without analyzing your own emotions on what happened.