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Sunset Desires (1 Night Stand Series)

Sunset Desires - C.R. Moss Full review at http://delightedreader.com

Sunset Desires jumps right into the action of explaining the concept of the story. This is one book in a series of short stories about a dating service that sets up one night stands, Decadent’s 1NightStand. Gwen’s cousin sets up everyone in her group with the service, but Gwen’s takes place right away. In fact, her cousin tells her and the girls leave her alone with a rose to meet her one night stand. Gwen’s worried about what her cousin put on the form as her fantasy as she thought it was rather personal and private.

Evan’s uncle has set him up with the service and while at first he wasn’t to keen on it, he instantly feels attraction to the woman in the picture. He is confident he can fulfill her fantasy one night stand, but he keeps wanting to think of it lasting longer than one night. But that is all either of them have agreed too.

The night starts off with promise as Evan has bought Gwen a dress, lingerie, shoes and even given her a diamond necklace, but Gwen is worried he heard the part of her fantasy where she wants a man who can treat her like a queen. She automatically thinks Evan has used up some savings to engineer this night after they get a secluded spot within a restaurant and even more secluded spot on the beach. But Evan isn’t revealing that he runs the family company and has the money to spend.

The two have a magical evening in the cabana on the beach, but when time starts to run out, both know want more than one night. Unwilling to reveal their hearts they split and go back to their normal lives. The heart I felt coming from them both here was tremendous. Neither one wanted to let go, but wouldn’t take the chance of losing their heart.

The love scenes left me in a puddle…melted me with the sweetness of each wanting to please the other one. The only complaint I had is that it was too short. But that is the point of this series.

A cute short story of two lovers finding each other through a one night stand service neither signed up for.