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Wicked Ties (Wicked Lovers, #1)

Wicked Ties (Wicked Lovers, #1) - Shayla Black Morgan O’Malley just wants to do simple research for her sex show on BDSM, but she is also in hiding. She has moved to Houston to live with her half brother, Brandon, to hide from a stalker. They are telling everyone they are engaged to try to stave off questions about their relationship and hopefully throw off the stalker. Never to careful she still goes to meet her BDSM contact in a disguise. Her contact, Jack Cole, is a lot more than she can handle. When shots start flying, she must put all her trust in a man she just met, but who also is throwing all the right alpha vibes her way.

Jack Cole has an ulterior motive for seeking out Morgan and her sex TV show isn’t it. While he never intends her any physical harm, he does lie to her over and over as he commands her body. On the run, they hide out in his bayou cabin while Jack and his partner try to track down Morgan’s stalker. She may be safe from the stalker, she is all alone with a dominant male and very little clothing. Sparks fly as Morgan tries over and over to deny her submissive side.

But Jack’s lies catch up with them along with the stalker.

Right off, I don’t like Jack. He wants revenge and uses Morgan to get it. Unfortunately, she really isn’t the key to the revenge and Jack loses his heart to her. The first sex scene, they have hot monkey against the wall sex and he immediately leaves her alone to deal with all the emotions. And he does it again at a very critical time in the book. This royally ticked me off. While he does turn around and realize she is his better half, he has destroyed any trust I might have had in him.

Morgan I liked mildly. I just couldn’t understand how a woman who runs a TV show dealing with sex, was so naïve. She doesn’t have notches in her bedpost, but neither does she have any wild sex to show. She does have a lot of fantasies and we know in one relationship she revealed it and was repulsed by the guy. That is where most of her hang ups come from along with her born again mother. So we spend a lot of time in the book with her denying what she feels. Normal, but it got old fast.

The plot for revenge was kind of weak. The stalker was just plain serial. The supporting characters were likable…like Jack’s grandpa…he was a riot. A good start to the series about wicked lovers.