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Friends With Partial Benefits

Friends With Partial Benefits - Luke Young

Back in June, Sophia Rose, a reviewer here at Delighted Reader snagged this book free off of Amazon. She gave it such a fun review, I knew at some point I wanted to read it myself. When I was contacted to do a review, I jumped to get it! Unfortunately, it didn’t grab me as much as the review of it did.

Jillian Grayson is a recent divorced woman, who still bitter at being betrayed by her ex, in her pool, with a younger woman. Writing romances, she has lost her mojo and everything she writes is about betrayal, revenge with a side of bitterness. Dating isn’t going much better and her friend Victoria is way over the top in her sexuality.

Brian Nash is Jillian’s son’s friend and roommate. When Brian gets mixed signals from a girl he likes (see he likes her because she can put her leg behind her head while standing), he gets kind of depressed. Rob, Jillian’s son, invites Brian to come home with him on spring break and Brian takes him up on it. While Rob spends a lot of time with his girlfriend, Brian is left with a tennis court he adores and the older woman of his dreams…even if he isn’t dreaming of her.

Jillian and Brian dance around each other knowing they can only be friends. But as the week goes on, the learn they are quite compatible with each other. Both love tennis to an obsessive degree. With the help of Victoria they are thrown into some weird situations. But the two decide they are going to be friends with partial benefits. They come up with this list when they are drunk and while hilarious, it really was silly.

There is a whole side story of Rob and his girlfriend that just made me dislike them entirely. Victoria gets a chunk of the book as well…and that woman is just plain nuts. These addition of characters didn’t really do much for me. Most of the dialog between these characters just felt juvenile.

While the story ends…it ends with a happy for now and one big question you have to read the next book to find out. I wanted to kick Brian on some choices, nudge Jillian on her choices, tell Rob to grow up and find help for Victoria that required her to wear a lot of clothes. Overall, it is a quirky look at love in an entirely different way than I am used to.