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Toy Box

Toy Box - Delphine Dryden Delphine Dryden takes into the lives of Lauren and Rafe, a young married couple who once had a Dominant/submissive relationship. It has now gone to the wayside with pregnancy and kids. Their desire has never waned, but the time and effort it took to maintain a D/s relationship just happening.

Rafe decides to remind Lauren of all their deviant behaviors. To get ready he custom crafts a toy box to store all their adult toys. Arranging for the kids to go to the grandparents house, Rafe reminds Lauren she is a strong and desirable woman, His woman.

This isn’t a very long book, but it probably mirrors so many D/s relationship that move into having kids, jobs and soccer games. The story reconnected a man and woman to the desires they felt before kids. I throughly enjoyed watching the two learn each other once again. There was one act that had me hopping in pain, but you will have to read that yourself.