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The Swing of Her Hips

The Swing of Her Hips - Selene Grace Silver Duncan Sinclair left his home country of Scotland for a job as well as to get away from a woman who is won’t acknowledge their relationship is over. He enjoys looking, but won’t get serious about any woman knowing he could be sent back to Scotland at a moments notice. When he sees an attractive redhead at a conference, he enjoys looking more than normal.

Kallie is a recent divorcee and school teacher. The last thing she is looking for is a committed relationship. But a handsome Scotsman charms her and she finds herself in a summer fling after many emails and chats.

This is another lunchbox romance from Boroughs Publishing Group that can be read on a lunch break. It is only 45 pages long, but packs a punch of a story. You don’t feel rushed and time does pass in the story at a believable speed. There are a few steamy pages that keep you wanting more. So if you are looking a quick, sexy read, then look no further.